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Craigslist Find: Danish Teak Buffet

2 Aug

Oh my holy what-the-what. Oh craigslist, what have we here? Doth my eyeballs deceive me?

Post reads:

“This is one of my favorite pieces that I am contemplating parting with because I am moving out of state. It’s a beautiful piece that is in good condition. There are some minor ~inch long mark by the sliding door handles from opening and closing. But if the unit is oiled regularly the scratches do not show. It is two pieces, the top piece just sits on top the the bottom piece. Glass sliding doors on the top piece. The bottom piece has sliding open that has shelving on one side, a shelf/drawers for silverware (etc.) on the other side. This is a beautiful vintage piece that I got from my grandmother.”

Listed as $600.00 for a family heirloom, I feel as though that is cheap for this hunk of tasty wood and glass. Especially since you can take them apart and use them separately or together! My brain can barely handle the thought. If only I had an extra $600.00 laying around and a bigger apartment.. and a reason to have a buffet, I guess.

Craigslist Find: Kegan Style Table

2 Aug

“I am selling a Mid Century Modern/ Kegan Style coffee table for $250.00, it is in good shape and comes from a pet free smoke free home.”

(Original Post) This is listed for $250.00 in Tulare, a town near Fresno, California.

That is one hell of an attractive thing to put stuff on. This table is very similar to a coffee table we had purchased recently here in Sacramento (we scored it for $200.00) that is a symmetrical version of this one. This table though has that wonderful kidney bean shape to the glass. So beany.

Our craigslist coffee table in action!

We had done some light digging around and found a designer named Adrian Pearsall that kept popping up for this style of furniture. Couches, tables and lounges with that sculpted wood. So seeing “Kegan Style” in the listing made me second guess who the actual designer is.

Turns out “Kegan” is in fact German-born designer Vladimir Kagan, who designed Disneyland’s House of the Future – an attraction built in the late 50’s and recently meticulously destroyed with hack-saws and removed. Adrian Pearsall founded Craft Associates in Pennsylvania here in the states. From what I can tell, Pearsall was not the designer of this style table but a dealer or manufacturer of Kagan’s furniture designs perhaps. He did however design the bean bag chair. Who knew this amazing designer can be revisited in dorm rooms across America.

Pearsall ad

Ad for the Craft Furniture Company in 1,001 Decorating Ideas Magazine, winter edition 1971 (via Ismoyo's Playground)

Kagan's House of the Future designed to represent 1986.

Pearsall's bean bag chair design in the vision of 1996.

Craigslist Find: Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan

2 Aug

Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan Seller Photo

Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan Seller Photo

(Original Post) As I read the ad title I was pretty confused as to how a hassock – a wacky name for a foot stool – and a fan could be put together in one handy unit. But alas, for $75 here it is. You can find out what exactly it feels like to rest your feet on something blowing air up your shorts. When not being used for crotch ventilation, you can even sit on it perhaps?

“The concept is to circulate air in a room while providing additional use for the space taken up by the fan — especially when it wasn’t being used. These fans often can be run in reverse as well, moving air from about chair height and dispersing it along the floor.” (via

This model in particular was manufactured by Air Flight but looks a bit more modern than the earlier models that came in delicious avacado green or clear plastic – which I think looks like a blender that you sit on. Kind of a wacky and awesome invention, but not totally aesthetically pleasing.


2 Aug

We really like furniture and scouring the internet or thrift stores or antique malls or estate sales or street corners to find good ones.

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