Craigslist Find: Danish Teak Buffet

2 Aug

Oh my holy what-the-what. Oh craigslist, what have we here? Doth my eyeballs deceive me?

Post reads:

“This is one of my favorite pieces that I am contemplating parting with because I am moving out of state. It’s a beautiful piece that is in good condition. There are some minor ~inch long mark by the sliding door handles from opening and closing. But if the unit is oiled regularly the scratches do not show. It is two pieces, the top piece just sits on top the the bottom piece. Glass sliding doors on the top piece. The bottom piece has sliding open that has shelving on one side, a shelf/drawers for silverware (etc.) on the other side. This is a beautiful vintage piece that I got from my grandmother.”

Listed as $600.00 for a family heirloom, I feel as though that is cheap for this hunk of tasty wood and glass. Especially since you can take them apart and use them separately or together! My brain can barely handle the thought. If only I had an extra $600.00 laying around and a bigger apartment.. and a reason to have a buffet, I guess.


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