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Craigslist Find: Thrift Store Find? Hoghair Ottoman!

11 Aug

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According to the post – this bench is 48×18″ and stuffed with either hog or horse hair. Depending on what animal is inside there it better make different noises when you sit on it. But besides all this hogwash – this bench is listed for $50.00!! It’s in a shop in a town called Hanford, which is apparently 3 long painful hours away from Sacramento. Ugh. From the looks of it this shop called Hanford Bargain Center also has an INCREDIBLE matching seat/table (top left photo in the corner there you can see it!) also for sale. I’m sure it’s ALSO for a bargain! Dude. Gimme.

Craigslist Find: “Pole Tension Lamp”

11 Aug

I have mixed feelings about tension lamps. They feel dingey and dated – even though that’s how I love most of my furniture. They’re usually a little too “uncle’s basement bar from the 60’s” which is pretty much how this picture is displaying it.  Upholstered bar,  some.. interesting painting techniques on the wall to set the mood for “anti-wife” discussion or whatever it is men do in man-caves, and a solitary chair for a solitary man.

HOWEVER – I think this bad boy could be livened up against some cheery yellow or other warm colored walls, or even a clean white apartment. Throw a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON poster in there and the common hipster librarian decorator is set.

$180.00 in Sacramento, original post here.

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