Around Town: The Antique Company 21st & X

16 Aug

I drive past The Antique Company on X & 21st street most every day and usually slow down to take a look at what is out on the curb being displayed. There are usually some older pieces from the late 1800s – early 1900s which is not so much my bag, but of course I look anyway. FURNITURE ON THE STREEEET!

This morning I went to breakfast around the corner at the ever-ironic Pancake Circus to show some out-of-town friends some “eating LOLs” and horrifying clown decor. While waiting for a table we walked over to The Antique Co. and they had four of these end tables out in front. They varied in price – I think due to some minor scratches and things. The least expensive was around $28.00, the most was $38.00. I’m not into the light veneer, but they could be rad in the right setting with your succulent and air plants sitting happily on top. The walnut table with the dove-tailing though is of course delicious.

Upstairs they usually have some mid-century furniture tucked away. Right now they have two bookshelf/display cases that are much to my liking. They both have a bit of wear and tear, and are a little too pricey for the condition they’re in.

This is listed for $195.00. It’s a fantastic little narrow case that would fit perfectly in our apartment, but my lover and fellow furniture-hoarder refuses to pay said price.
“They don’t haggle here, and I don’t want to pay that much for it.”
“How do you know they won’t haggle here?”
“..I Read it online.”
I just might have to go swipe it and move it into our place without his knowing. I won’t be taking home those “surprised country cat with chicken” or “relaxing cow with removable ass” cookie jars any time soon though.

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