Mimomito writer Rose got married!

16 Aug

Photo by Nick Avey via takeovertokyo.com

Ben and Rose, two amazing people who have some amazing furniture, got married this Saturday and had – of course – an aesthetically delightful ceremony and reception. Congratulations you guys! MAY YOUR APARTMENT BECOME OVERRUN WITH BEAUTIFUL LITTLE USELESS TREASURES! Find some good shit on your honeymoon in Bodega Bay..

Photo by Nick Avey via takeovertokyo.com

One Response to “Mimomito writer Rose got married!”

  1. joemountain August 22, 2010 at 3:13 am #

    :D Bodega bay didn’t have a lot of junk finding going on.
    We only found an antique store that was the size of a closet.
    The owner (Jack-John) let us know though if we needed anything else he had stuff in storage.
    The storage unit ended up being his house. Which he let us in.
    I saw some of the most amazing things there.
    A desk owned by one of Monet’s henchmen and human skulls-that did not surprisingly freak out my husband, and this really cute wooden grain grinders.
    The cheapest thing that dude sold was a 50 pillow, so we didnt buy any goods….but I did get to pet this awesome cat with david bowie eyes and an unfortunate tail.
    Jack had ambiance going on like no other.

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