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Antique mall: Desk $176.00

22 Aug

Whenever I see a piece of furniture with all that kinda shape and fantasticness (that’s not a word…but it sounds nice) I start to hum queen jingles and get happier.
The odd shapes formed together in all kindsa wonderful ways is what I love about mid-century crap. It leaves you with so many wonderful display and storage opportunities. Word on the street is the antique mall is still having a crazy sale so check it out if you have a moment and want some nice stuffs.
This desk is going for 176.00.
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Since I am in that type of mood…here’s another dude that defies all laws of sense and boring.
It’s a little bit more expensive (250$ in Orangevale) but the color here makes me drool and if you’re one of those home people who likes your furniture to match this might be best for you in the long run because it’s a common wood that’s used from that era and always comes up looking fantastic on some of the best pieces.
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