Furniture In Far Off Places: Ohio!

30 Aug

Last weekend my boyfriend and I flew into Ohio for a weeks vacation of moped riding, smirnoff icing, Lake Michigan swimming and of course antique ogling. Yeah it’s not in Sacramento — or even California, but know there is good stuff far and wide. And I wanna ogle it.

My friend Abi who we stayed with in Cincinnati took us to an antique mall in Fairfield, Ohio (after ingesting some bummer-inducing Frisch’s Big Boy salad bar) where I was overwhelmed by the gargantuan collection. Of course mostly snoozy fine china, creepy dolls and a curiously popular trend in “vintage christmas” crap, it was a quest to get through. We had about an hour to run through the aisles before we needed to join Abi’s family for dinner.

So to cover ground quickly we all rushed through the aisles named after states separately. Once we found something would yell “THERE’S AN ASHTRAY IN ARIZONA YOU GOTTA SEE!” Here are some of the great finds lurking in Ohio! Heyooo!

This television set was $85.00. You can’t use analog signal anymore but damn, hot-wire this sucker to play DVDs?

A set of those rad speakers I had seen on a record console that I posted about previously here. $25.00 each I believe.

fantastic coffee table! Forgot the price, but that ashtray was about $200.00 and advised me “not to touch” it.

A closer look at this wacky trumpet-shaped lamp. Also that delightfully dumpy green doctor’s office waiting room chair.

Can’t remember the price but it was probably no more than $50.00.


When I came upon this area my eyeballs widened. The circular glass-top swivel coffee table is in fact a thick plastic. The table lamp with shade was $45.00 but we couldn’t possibly bring it back on our flight. DAAAMN. The arc lamp was $220.00.

That ridiculously awesome dresser on the left was part of a matching set with a desk, both under $200.00 each.

LOOK AT THAT DESK! MY GOOD GOD! Also there is Alan in the background toting around his $17.00 Lite Master desk lamp.

Also this delightfully weird lamp/table.. thing. Priced around $150.00.

I love that wall sculpture but Alan wasn’t too keen on it. We DID pick up the orange and black hanging mobile though! Alan spent a good 20 minutes crouched next to the Herman Miller bench trying to rationalize paying $130.00 for it, shipping it back to California, and whether to restore the chipped paint on the metal legs and sad upholstery. We opted not to get it. I could tell he was heart-broken. But damn pleased on that mobile.

Last and definitely not least.. this. In retrospect, HOW DID WE NOT PAY WHATEVER THEY WERE ASKING AND PURCHASE THIS? My god. Simply stunning. There is my hand giving a thumbs up for scale – but I probably shouldn’t have left that whale hanging and given him the high-five he so desperately had been awaiting.

2 Responses to “Furniture In Far Off Places: Ohio!”

  1. erina August 30, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    daanng. that looks like a calder knock off… good find. i love that place, i cant leave without buying something.

    • Serene September 2, 2010 at 4:43 am #

      oh man awesome – I’ve never heard of him before. Upon looking up his work, the mobile “20 leaves and an apple” looks decidedly similar. This is awesome to know who it was inspired by or may be designed by. It’s definitely old and a bit tarnished, so maybe! Raaadical

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