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Craigslist Find: Thrift Store Find? Hoghair Ottoman!

11 Aug

(Original Post)

According to the post – this bench is 48×18″ and stuffed with either hog or horse hair. Depending on what animal is inside there it better make different noises when you sit on it. But besides all this hogwash – this bench is listed for $50.00!! It’s in a shop in a town called Hanford, which is apparently 3 long painful hours away from Sacramento. Ugh. From the looks of it this shop called Hanford Bargain Center also has an INCREDIBLE matching seat/table (top left photo in the corner there you can see it!) also for sale. I’m sure it’s ALSO for a bargain! Dude. Gimme.

Craigslist Find: “Pole Tension Lamp”

11 Aug

I have mixed feelings about tension lamps. They feel dingey and dated – even though that’s how I love most of my furniture. They’re usually a little too “uncle’s basement bar from the 60’s” which is pretty much how this picture is displaying it.  Upholstered bar,  some.. interesting painting techniques on the wall to set the mood for “anti-wife” discussion or whatever it is men do in man-caves, and a solitary chair for a solitary man.

HOWEVER – I think this bad boy could be livened up against some cheery yellow or other warm colored walls, or even a clean white apartment. Throw a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON poster in there and the common hipster librarian decorator is set.

$180.00 in Sacramento, original post here.


10 Aug

So much swag in a little tiny bean of a chair.
I really dig when this color of wood and white are mixed together.
This would be great for a teeny brass sculpture or your plant life.
15$ in sacramento.
Original post


10 Aug


I have this fascination with things that can transform. It makes me feel like I am in control or something.
One day I might want a short and cute coffee table, maybe so I can eliminate the possibility of putting a ton
of unnecessary crap in the living room (that never works-but one can hope), or I can have great amounts of length
to welcome my crap comfortably. Options are great.
This table is in Dayton priced at 100$. If you feel like forgetting about responsibilities and taking
a nice scenic drive check out the original post

Antique mall: bookcase

10 Aug

Glass and wood is where I like it to be at.
You can store (yum yum nom nom) and display at the same time.
Then there’s that light that illuminates all your fancy junk. yess.
At 72 dollars you cant go wrong. They still got a sale going on dudes!
Original post


10 Aug

100$ for this buffet.
Look at all that crazy drawer stuff going on here.
There’s one on the side, long at the bottom, and tiny cute one’s at the right.
Original post:

” Mid Century (circa 1950) Drexel buffet. Dovetail joints. 5 drawers. 2 doors.
Medium finish (ash or pecan??). Gold handles (not original).
Divided top drawer for silver and divided door area for platters. Good condition.”

C-list: Metal desk, End table

10 Aug

I fancy metal desks. I really really fancy this one.
It’s yellow, and has wood as the desk’s surface.
Unique in its own little adorable way.
This cute little bean is selling for 15$ in Sacramento.
Check out the original post here

Look at all the good looking storage going on here.
The dip at the top drawer, the fact that the drawer is half of the end table
to leave you room to display your junky type writer/stuffs, and those teeny little legs!
This guy is going for 45 dollars in sacramento.
original post

Craigslist Find: “mid-century hutch”

9 Aug

(Original Post)

“Beautiful mid-century hutch by United in wonderful vintage condition. 3 drawers and one cabinet – all in perfect working condition. 2 sliding glass display doors. Great style. If we had room we’d be keeping it. Top hutch is removable.”

Ugh I love the separate piece hutch/buffets. Those modular little shelves are great and I like that only the top shelves have sliding glass. Can’t totally tell from the photo, but it looks like some slightly clunky wood drawer pulls on there. Still,  I love how those little legs look like they can barely support this monster of organization. And it’s only listed for $225.oo! Yowza, dudes. I really need one of my friends to pick this bad boy up so I can pop in and visit this sucker.

Craigslist Find: Zenith Record Player “Circle of Sound”

7 Aug

$200 in West Sacramento. Please note the reason for the “Circle of Sound” title – those amazing wood-covered speakers tucked into the sides of this rolling cart unit. Everything about this thing is nuts; the wood, the fact that this is a rolling party station, insanely unique speaker setup, and a lil’ space for your records! Ay yo DJ!

Original Post:

“It is time to let this gem go to a new home.

It is a real great looking piece and just screams mid-century.

The plastic cover is in great shape and the stand, very hard to find, is in great shape as well.

I had this into the “Stereoadvisor” over a year ago to get repaired and tuned up.”

C-list:George freaking nelson

7 Aug

Or so it says. But really dudes. George nelson is worth checking out
Look at how ridiculous and amazing he can get.
So Penn Valley is how far? An hour?
This desk is going for 500$.
Make sure to do your rounds and check the stamps/tag deal so as not to be swindled.

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