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Craigslist’s DO NOT WANT.

1 Sep

A section for all those awful posts that keep reappearing on my radar listed under vintage, danish, retro, and everything else good – that are just plain uggs and “DO NOT WANT.” Usually these items are priced a bit more than I’d ever damn pay, look like they’ve been used by the family cat as a scratching and urinating post, or are just plain miscategorized. AND KEEP SHOWING UP!


This thing keeps popping up under “This antique Danish modern coffee table” – okay maybe it’s Danish, but a lot of things are. Danish people for example. Yes. Those pastries, yknow the ones – those are Danish too. I don’t care if this thing was sat on by a Danish King and he took a Danish crap on it – it ain’t danish modern. BUT THAT OVERSTUFFED COUCH BEHIND IT SURE IS! A steal at $70.00 of your hard earned money.

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