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Craigslist:Reno-Walnut Lane chest

5 Sep

AH. Me, Jen and Serene have been throwing the idea around of going to Reno. This thing right hur has sealed the deal for me. The picture looks a lil wonky but the contrasting wood looks oh so promising. I picture this going in a house with wood paneling and avocado green carpeting. It is being sold for 250.00 which I admit is pretty up there. But me thinks if this is the kinda stuff people may have in Reno then think of all the wonderful stuff floating around in thrift stores-yard sales. I need more PTO.
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Craigslist: For my lady friends

5 Sep

I was reading David Sedaris’s Me talk pretty to my husband the other night and we happened upon a story of his (cant remember the name…trying to explain this with some kinda finesse). Sedaris is trying to learn French. He explains that his problems lie in appropriating the masculine and feminine to objects and keeping their sexes straight. Eventually he avoids his language problem altogether by just addressing everything in plural because a multitude of objects has no sex. I tried to look up the sex of midcentury modern furniture in French and it confused me too much so I quit. My money is def on it being a classy man named Edward who’s always seen holding a martini. When my husband first showed me these midcentury things I was slightly hesitant because of how manly all of it looked. There wasn’t any soft shapes or delicate colors just blunt shapes put in wacky unfathomable ways and really rad looking wood. I had this fear of getting lost in my home, not having my mark on anything we owned. Then it became pretty evident in me and my husband’s relationship that I was thee finder of all this junk and I fell in love with the searching, the form, the history, the illustrations, and the designers. My husband has to tell me to stop occasionally. I can understand though certain women being on the fence about this style of living because honestly all that danty crap like doilies and milk/soft glass(it’s not crap…I just describe everything that way) helps us feel a lil bit more romantic. This lamp right hur isnt a midcentury piece but it’s got that awesome I am an all over the place floor lamp and I want to say good morning to you sarah(…amy,maria,leslie-whoever you are). In my head this is the female counterpart to this manly monstrosity:

So if you’re into it here’s the Original post . If you have a significant other he may convince you that those glass shades are just not right. Don’t worry. You can compromise and switch them out. If you’re like me however and you still have that french provincial desk you fancy you can point to that corner in the living room where his Eames chair sits obtrusively (ya know that corner where his bike was suppose to go) and just walk away.

Telephone stand: Carmichael
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I am not sure if anyone has a house line anymore (I personally have been giving it a thought) but this cute bean would look adorable with crap on top of it. You could put it in one of your awkward corners thats too small for an end table and too large for emptiness. I’ve taken to the idea of putting this in a bathroom so’s you can put all your girly things. It’s going for ten bucks in carmichael.
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Craigslist-Kitchen table:Citrus Heights

5 Sep

The prowl is still on. I search and I search and everything seems way too big to fit in my “cozy” space. Then I share these eye pleasing misfortunes with you kind folk-I mean that in a ‘this uplifts my spirits’ kinda way not a ‘I feed you my furniture scraps.’ It looks like there’s some plastic stuff covering the seats of these chairs. Those are great in case you happen to have an accident or two occasionally but can be uncomfortable in Sacramento’s summertime (ya know that weird sticky thing that happens were the plastic becomes apart of your leg). For 60 bucks you could take that stuff off if it makes you queasy and then (ahhhhaaahhhaaa<—that’s the sound of heaven’s gates being opened) reupholster.
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Around Town: Trolling the 57th Street Antique Mall

5 Sep

Decided to go on a bike ride and stop being such a slob, but of course needed to set a good destination to get excited about riding to. THE ANTIQUE MALL OF COURSE! Where I will maul antiques with my eyes!

Wee away we go! Thank bejeebus Sacramento is so sunny and warm that we can still be riding around in shorts and skirts. Unlike San Francisco where I used to live – where it’d  be foggy and bummer-inducing. Yeah. I said it.

Also to note – Most everything is 20% OFF the listed price or more at the 57th street antique mall. KEWL PRICES, SWELTERING DEALZ AND STEALZ.

LET’S GET IT PERCOLATIN’. $12.00 for this stout man.

Alan inspecting the hardware. The base is a nice walnutty wood, which is repeated in the top of the lamp in a long wooden neck – which is being covered by a big ugly shade which has got to hit the wicky road. $45.00.

I guess this picture is blurry because I was excited. $340.00 for this drop-leaf table and chair set.

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