Around Town: Trolling the 57th Street Antique Mall

5 Sep

Decided to go on a bike ride and stop being such a slob, but of course needed to set a good destination to get excited about riding to. THE ANTIQUE MALL OF COURSE! Where I will maul antiques with my eyes!

Wee away we go! Thank bejeebus Sacramento is so sunny and warm that we can still be riding around in shorts and skirts. Unlike San Francisco where I used to live – where it’d  be foggy and bummer-inducing. Yeah. I said it.

Also to note – Most everything is 20% OFF the listed price or more at the 57th street antique mall. KEWL PRICES, SWELTERING DEALZ AND STEALZ.

LET’S GET IT PERCOLATIN’. $12.00 for this stout man.

Alan inspecting the hardware. The base is a nice walnutty wood, which is repeated in the top of the lamp in a long wooden neck – which is being covered by a big ugly shade which has got to hit the wicky road. $45.00.

I guess this picture is blurry because I was excited. $340.00 for this drop-leaf table and chair set.

These things are awesome. If you have a dresser with a vanity, plug this doodily doo-dad in and have it sitting next to your lady things. Y’know, when you’re putting in your curlers and rubbing a masque on your face and extracting things from your pores and need 1,000x magnification and two lights to see how hideous you are. $25.00. And J/K – YOU’RE BOOTIFUL.

Hey dogg, how’s life? Ruffffffff… $35.00 to freak out your guests. “That’s Horacio Sandigger III. He passed in a storm three fateful years ago, saving a baby from a mongoose. In a tree. Behind the barn.” “What barn?” “..What? Get out of my house.”

This would work awesome in an entry way, and if you change out that drawer pull knob (to a fake-out drawer?) to a slender brass pull it’d be way slicker. It’s a good “I’m waiting for you to find your goddamn keys so we can leave and go eat dinner” chair, don’t you think? $55.00.

Cute balls of bird. $15.00.

If I didn’t find flowers useless, I’d be more into the idea of a vase. $12.00.

Well hello there, little buddy! Kind of light and cheaply made, but totally worth $18.00 to brighten up a sad corner! SAD! ONLY SAD CORNERS.

I like this wonky hanging lamp with a pull chain. $60.00. Put it in your smarmy living room next to a lounge chair.

This is a nice old looking set! Maybe early 50’s, late 40’s style? $20.00.

I see tons of these old Sunbeam mixers, but apparently they have an issue of having chunks and shreds of the plastic they’re made out of actually going into the food. Bummer. But this was $45.00 – throw it up on a display shelf. Make it look like you can bake.

AWESOME heat lamp – but where would it go? Maybe to spotlight some cacti, perhaps! Rad adjustable position screw. $45.00 to put something in your apartment that looks like it shoots lasers.

One Response to “Around Town: Trolling the 57th Street Antique Mall”

  1. joemountain September 5, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    I want so badly a uniform coffee, tea canister set. I pick up those tins whenever I see them at the thrift store so’s I gots a green one, a lighter green one,and two tea tins. This one you posted is pretty lovely…hm…

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