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Living Room Inspiration

6 Sep

We can’t have a stone slab fireplace, ceiling to floor windows or 20′ tall ceilings but we’ll try and shove this style right into our teeny two-bedroom apartment above a chinese acupuncturist. Living the dream, I know.

This image is from a photo set on flickr of “Interiors from Armstrong.” It simply says “1950s living room with Calder-like mobile.” So that is to say – the mobile looks like a mobile made by the guy who invented mobiles.

Kagan coffee table – keep an eye out on craigslist! This style is always popping up for under $300.00. $10.00 Ikea vase, Calder mobile, and $480.00 grey tapered-leg repro couch from Urban Outfitters. Get it, girl.

On the internets: Mod Cloth 70% Off Sale

6 Sep

Yeah so I subscribe to their e-mails. I think I’ve only ever bought an owl necklace from here about 3 years ago when everyone was freaking out about having hooters crap. But alas, all this crap is on sale! Glorious crap! Prices so low for this crap! Crap nobody needs, but crap you want and can have! well, unless they’re now out of stock when you read this because you slacked off. (click the items to check dem suckaz out)

Check out this monstrous crap sale here at That pug and log pillow would be shipping to me RIGHT NOW if it weren’t for the seriously lack of funds in my bank account. And perhaps also my boyfriend’s distaste for extraneous pillows..

Craigslist: Mid Century Modern Danish Rosewood Side board, Brisbane

6 Sep

Alright Ninjas, let’s just go ahead and file this under”Yeah right, dude. Just forget about it already.”

(Original Post)
Danish modern step-back sideboard / credenza done in beautiful rosewood with numerous storage possibilities. $2100.00

Great looking mid century rounded “L” shaped sofa in understated striped velour upholstery $580.00

What’s so terrible about all this, is that they’re absolutely right. I’m sure someone WILL pay $2100.00 or well over $1000.00 for that credenza. Maybe they’ll hollow it out and put a flat screen TV inside of it and close the doors and pretend like they “prefer to read a good book” instead of watching The Hills. — And that couch is totally a giant $500.00 couch for your coke den, and some asshole that works in a cubicle in Sillicon Valley is going to buy that couch to fill the hole in his life where his social skills are lacking and he will be the only person to ever sit on it – and one night he will lay in a sad “L” shaped lump with a glass of white wine.

And I will never ever own these things. And I will never be those people. But oh god how I want to be.

But perhaps to ease the pain I will just cover my house in ridiculous chinese junk boat oil paintings. Which are always super badass, and always super chillin’ at Goodwill.

Craigslist: Steelcase Couch and Chair set, Oakland

6 Sep

OH HEY DUDES. Do you like sitting on ice blocks in the winter time? How about getting stuck to your furniture in the summer and having swamp-ass? Then check these stone cold foxes.

(Original Post) Three Steelcase pieces from 1974: a three-cushion sofa, matching side chair, and coordinating adjustable desk chair. The lines are crisp and tailored, the scale small enough to work in moderate-size rooms, but big enough to stretch out in. All three are upholstered in original tangerine vinyl in good condition, with matte-finish metal frames on the sofa and side chair. The office chair has a back frame powder-coated in sage green, and a swivel base in shiny chrome, on casters.

Sofa: $495
Side chair: $295
Office chair: $145

I’m surprised to hear that this is original vinyl, and that they are all in such crisp condition. If I had the cash I’d buy this suckers straight up, they match with a Steelcase office chair we recently picked up from Craigslist for$75.00. Here you see my boyfriend demonstrating it’s ability to “max” and “relax.”

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