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Craigslist: Kent coffee Buffet-Antelope

7 Sep

Kent coffee has been around for awhile (1900’s?) and was made pretty decently for a reasonable price for the average consumer. Created by the fading Harold Coffee.
The 60’s turned everything around for Coffee when it was sold to the Singer Furniture Company (ya know the guys who make sewing machines). The furniture was decent quality and promotionally priced. Forty years later the furniture division (ahem Kent coffee) went bankrupt (sad).
Anyways Harold was so much of a great guy that in tribute to him his old home was made a BNB awhile back by Sharon Elizabeths BNB on the corner of Harper Avenue and Maple Drive in Lenoir. I think the BNB is being sold now but the thought was nice. Seems like poor Harold’s legacy is getting busy fading away…you though can own some work by his company and keep it strong-build memories with it,set a t.v on the top, or just put your under shirts there. This set is being sold for 80.00 in Antelope.
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Charles Harper: I am an important guy

7 Sep

Charles harper is an American (what what) artist who is best known for his book illustrations, and wild life prints. Dude pretty much makes living thee life of a duck look pretty classy. Charles was still making beautiful things at 83! I cant imagine I would even be wanting to get out of bed at 83. Thankfully Charles Harper is a classier gentleman than I:

And now I have found something new to prowl for.
There’s one on Ebay (look here) now starting bid-180.00. I am pretty doubtful of it being an original print. You know the deal. But I would love to ooze my eyes over these great illustrations so they will be peeled.

There is also a ton of signed posters up that are starting to make me conscious of my spending. I now have a Charley the great fund going on in a rather large salt shaker I picked up at an estate sale. I figure it will take me about 5 years to save up and purchase. But if you’ve gots the cream get that sugar:


But if you would like something where you might not have to chop of your arm and eat that for a week:

It’s gorgeous and priced at a measly ten bucks.

Heres my last bit for those of you bored with words:

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