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Around Town: Living Space

10 Sep

I’ve driven past Living Space on Broadway & 14th for nearly a year now and have never gone in. I had my eye on a black leather click-clack chair some months back that was for sale in the window, but was quickly snatched up and replaced with a white leather one. I was going home for lunch today and slowed down as I past, and then decided to park and once and for all see what it is they sell in the place. I couldn’t tell if there were antiques or modern furniture or what.

There are two stores, or, spaces.. to Living Space. There is a larger storefront that goes all the way back into a warehouse area, and then a smaller storefront pictured above that is next door (they had to open it up and let me in so I could sniff around). For the most part, the furniture is all from within the past 15-20 years. There are some vintage inspired designs but definitely newly manufactured.

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