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Craigslist: Big hunky junk

13 Sep

I’ve been kinda of lagging on my search for good things from dear craigslists. I think it has something to do with these shelves me and the man friend are suppose to be making. I’ve been consumed with old sunset and 60’s handyman book.
So anyways please excuse the almost throwing up of these finds (I am sorta catching up and getting in the swing of things).

This guy is selling those oh so cute hair pin legs for 40.00 to go with this bookcase. I love these book cases. Me and Ben have one similair to it that is a reddish wood. Those legs give ours so much more oomph. It’s being sold for 100.00 off of Watt.
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Original post-Credenza:Fair Oaks.
I get the same feeling seeing these cute little x’s on furniture petting stray kittens. Baby talk (I know) soon starts blubbering out and I am putty. There is no front picture of this credenza and that makes me alil sad. Anyways its being sold for a wooping 300.00

I like hutches! They carry both of my most favorite things-dishes and linens. It is the hub for all things adorable, useful, and pleasant.
This hutch is going for 75.00 in Auburn.
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