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Rad: Log Bowls?

14 Sep

I was referred to these amazing log bowls from the Herman Miller newsletter recounting some amazing candy dishes. They included these ridiculous log bowls and damn do I love the look of a stump and colorful ceramics. Perfect for your grandma candies. $79.95, by

GIT’R’DONE: Kitchen Containers

14 Sep

Yeah, as you can tell I have a thing for kitchens. Vrrr.. it might be my favorite room in the house. Y’know, with all the eating and shoveling things into my face and the what-not. My other interests besides eating include.. organization and 1950’s & 60’s design. HOW ABOUT THAT.

Here are some delightful kitchen containers and canisters that include those exact 3 interests of mine. HOLY BALLS!

Alright, calm down. So being delighted by kitchen canisters, I was very pleased when my boyfriend returned home one day from the St. Vincent thrift store with a $3.00 chrome bread box. It was missing a little knob and was pretty plain, but very clean and neither rusty nor tarnished. Being a fan of labeling your containers – because GOD FORBID YOU THINK A BREAD BOX IS A BABY BOX – I put a vinyl label on it to dress it on up!

Now of course most people don’t have access to a decal cutter, but perhaps this can inspire y’all on making your own labeled canisters out of cheap ass things you find at the thrift store. There are even some amazing plain old Christmas and shipping labels that could work for such a thing. Just don’t get them wet, of course. HUZZAH!


Craigslist: “Pair of Antique Modern Danish Chairs”

14 Sep

UH DEAL OF THE DAMN YEAR. Yeah, more than that $75 hutch that of course one of our friends is buying because HOW CAN YOU NOT.

Anyway, these are TWO DUX chairs for $100.00. Going “buy it now” price on eBay is currently $300+ a piece. Yeah. So. Think about that for a second.

(Original Post)
“Pair of chairs made by Scandinavian “Dux”. Upholstery is in good shape, Frames are quality craftsmanship. These chairs are truly unique. Will throw in table in the picture if both chairs are purchased at price listed.”

They will “THROW IN” the side table if you feel like paying $100 for $600+ worth of merchandise here, people. GET IT TOGETHER! I literally do not have $100.00 from buying that other Dux chair this weekend – so if you love furniture, and making extra money when you’re done with it, I implore you, BUY THESE CHAIRS.

Then reupholster them, thnx. That fabric uggggs. :)

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