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Craigslist: Wall unit-Sacramento

16 Sep

Wall shelving is great…for those of us with er hm “cozy” homes. This set is being sold for 195.00 in Sacramento.
ps. Is it me or does 195.00 seem like a weird number for craigslist purchases? I feel like it should all be even numbers. Why not just say 200.00? Anywaysssss
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Craigslist: ’58 JCPenny Credenza

16 Sep

$350.00 for this credenza and two side tables! A vrrrrrrry good deal, me thinks. Might wanna change out the hardware for something slicker, though. Also, dear seller, don’t think I don’t notice HOW GOOD FURNITURE LOOKS WITH A FLATSCREEN TV ON IT – and that you obviously know this too. Otherwise you would not have framed your photos as such.. pshhh.

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