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Craigslist: I dunno man, maybe

19 Sep

“vintage inspired” is the name of this here game. If you’re into it..

I mean, I guess I like tables that are reminiscent of stingrays and the Starship Enterprise? Put a heaping fern on it and maybe it won’t look so much like it comes from a cold waiting room from the 60’s but envisioning “the future.” $30.00 (Original Post)


19 Sep

I loveee two in ones. Positively and completely. Don’t feel like flipping pages in a magazine. Just throw it in that delicate little crib like sack and start tip tapping away on your laptop that is sitting oh so pretty on the table side of this precious bean. This stand is being sold for 55$ in Sacramento.
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Craigslist: Have a seat dear.

19 Sep

Sweet orange office chair is being sold for 10 bucks and those promising blue occasional chairs are at 25 apiece. I really like the idea of having an “occasional chair.” It gets me mind to wandering to old movies with strict over 40 couples who pour themselves a drink. The lady would say something like ‘oh Charles-‘ and Charles would promptly respond ‘Its an occasion!’ I do hope this mind traveling doesn’t cause me to do anything rash like jumping on pretty dainty Danish chairs and that it just reasons me believing fully that occasional chairs are something that I do indeed need. These chairs are in West Sacramento.
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Noted: Jacques Tati

19 Sep

Not a designer, not a manufacturer, but a french actor and director.

“Tati plays the gauche and socially inept lead character, Monsieur Hulot. With his trademark raincoat, umbrella and pipe, Hulot is among the most memorable comic characters in cinema. Several themes recur in Tati’s comedic work, most notably in Mon Oncle, Playtime and Trafic. They include Western society’s obsession with material goods, particularly American-style consumerism, the pressure-cooker environment of modern society, the superficiality of relationships among France’s various social classes, and the cold and often impractical nature of space-age technology and design.”

I have yet to see Trafic – but in Tati’s Mon Oncle (1958) and Playtime (1967), he contrasts the small aged towns and cozy villages to the sterile, uptight and design-obsessed cities. Usually fumbling with how to sit on a modern styled chair, or not understanding the new-fangled kitchen technology, ends up using them in a different and usually comedic way. He takes the popular mid-century modern design to the extreme and pokes fun at its impracticality. I suggest any mid-century design enthusiast to watch his films and not take too much to heart.

And dude, they’re available on Netflix instant watch!

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