Craigslist: Have a seat dear.

19 Sep

Sweet orange office chair is being sold for 10 bucks and those promising blue occasional chairs are at 25 apiece. I really like the idea of having an “occasional chair.” It gets me mind to wandering to old movies with strict over 40 couples who pour themselves a drink. The lady would say something like ‘oh Charles-‘ and Charles would promptly respond ‘Its an occasion!’ I do hope this mind traveling doesn’t cause me to do anything rash like jumping on pretty dainty Danish chairs and that it just reasons me believing fully that occasional chairs are something that I do indeed need. These chairs are in West Sacramento.
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A couple weeks back me and friend shared a bottle of wine with this complete stranger after she asked us what things were there to do in Sacramento. About the third glass in she was telling us how she worked for a plastic surgeon and what real friends are made of. She says to us that good friends are the kind that let you sleep over at their house. Somewhat inebriated I look over to my friend Jen and assured her that she is welcome any time. So sleeper sofas are not only convenient they also let special people in your life know that they have a place in your home (for the night) and it makes them feel great.
300 takes the sleeper and matching chair and gives you priceless amounts of hospitality. The Wassily reproduction is being sold for 250.00 in Roseville.
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BAH. 25 dollars takes this whole set and makes that awesome table you found for 20 bucks completes! These chairs are waiting for you in newcastle.
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Original post One of my great aunts told me once that you can always trust a man in a flannel. And I guess with the unrevealing top you would kinda have to in this case. At least enough to check it out. 40 dollars in Roseville (its a hide a bed too :D)

“And by awesome, I mean that it’s in great shape. The fabric isn’t torn or stained.”
I am guilty of using silly words in the search. Awesome sometimes brings up things that I really do wish I had the time to check out personally.
This couch is 20$ in Fairoaks.
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Helllllooooo man couch! I really dig the color of this bad boy. Only concern I have is that weird sticky thing leather and vinyl does after you sit in it too long but vinyl does hold up great when one of your nerdy friends has too much to drink and accidently falls over(drink in hand) onto your couch. No hard feelings are thrown around with vinyl/leather. This couch is being sold for 250.00 in Lincoln.
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“Love seat pullout couch in Great condition, never used. pull out is near perfect.
Don’t let the color throw you, the couch is comfortable and the pull out is easy to use and in excellent condition.”

The color throw me? Sir this is the most awesome green I have ever seen in a tiny little bean of a couch. The only place that color is going to throw me to is thee heavens sir. Thee heavens.
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20$ in Auburn Original post

150 in Jackson Origianl post (The little leg is saying haaaaay)

325.00 in Sacramento-Arden. Original Post
Ok so this near the end bit of seating is not midcentury…at all. But I am in love with the idea of reupholstering this type of couch into a grey tweed mistress (good bye eames-jk JK). Some of the fabric is just awesome on it’s own (the fainting couch has me eye) but giving these pretty feminine couches some mad men swag would look so much more classy.

Paul Mccobb made some serious stuff in his time. I love the curved top. It’s like this chair is wanting to give you a hug. He’s saying ‘Take me home! I want to be the start of your nerdy ten minute midcentury conversation that you have with your pals!’ It is being sold for 125 in Sacramento.
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3 Responses to “Craigslist: Have a seat dear.”

  1. Toni September 20, 2010 at 3:37 am #

    I recently purchased some 1964 wall art from Craigslist and when the person selling them opened their garage … it was like a gold mine. They are selling that Paul Mccobb chair and it pained me to be in its presence and not be able to sit on it or take it home.

    They are also selling a lot of other things you’ve probably seen on Craigslist — and some that they are still in the process of restoring. They travel the west coast to buy out mid century estates for resale. Isn’t that an awesome way of living?

  2. joemountain September 21, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    OH. Is that Katie? If so we bought our bookcase and Wall unit from her. She has a tonnnn of great stuff and is really awesome source of information.

  3. Toni September 21, 2010 at 2:50 am #

    Yeah, it is her and her partner. It was awesome talking to them and they were nice enough to take down a list of things that I’m looking for to put in my house.

    She said that they have garage sales. I’m 100% interested in making it to one of them.

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