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20 Sep


This is a circa 1950’s Mid Century Modern Design sectional “Seating Unit” or sofa. It may have been made by Vista or at least it is in the Vista style of mid 1950’s iron furniture…or it could have been made as custom item for a commercial space It is vintage and out of an estate storage. It is very architectural and would be great in an Eames environment or Eichler or Streng home. Ready for refurbishing or re-upholstery to your taste. It’s big as each of the 3 sections is about 4 feet long. It’s upholstered in it’s original 60 year old vinyl now and the seats have been colored.. A nice fun item for a vintage environment!
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So.. hey. How’s it going. I don’t even know what to say about this thing. If you got it, flaunt it? I guess? “It” in this scenario being “space in your apartment” and “275 smackaroonies.”

Around town: St. Patricks thriftstore

20 Sep

I recently went to St. Patricks on Franklin. St. Patricks is a little rustic looking but great for digging and finding a little piece of history that is sweet to your heart.

I really want one of these old timey t.v’s so’s I can put another t.v on it. I think it would be eye pleasing and hopefully make me laugh a little everyonce in awhile.

Look at the fabirc on that couch!

I lurve long coffee tables! Also peep that rad looking owl wall sculpture.

Me and Ben recently got a bunch of kitchen stuff from our wedding registry. When I see stuff like this it makes me wish we were somehow able to register on craigslist or thriftstores (I bet that sounds terrible). I am thinking if this guy didnt work he would look just as great with a durble and tiny plant inside him.

Now we move onto my new obsession sweet book covers.
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DO NOT WANT: …Rattan. Just can’t do it, guys.

20 Sep

(Original Post) $325.00 to complete all you Tiki God and Goddesses’ “lounges” and “pads.” I’m sorry, I just cannot like rattan, wicker, or tiki style. It’s the basis for all things kitschy and tacky, in my opinion.

I might have extra reason to hate the “bamboo eye torture,” though. My dad was born and raised in Hawaii and loved putting knick-knacks and schlock that reminded him of “da islands” around our house. A hollowed-out musical gourd sitting next to my embarrassing childhood photos. SHUDDEERR. Of course – no disrespect to my Dad’s heritage and culture, but everyone secretly hates their parent’s decor choices, right? We even had one entire wall in our living room covered in this thin woven grass material. How can you even buy that? The whole wall! Floor to ceiling! It got water damage and the cat used the wicker wall as a scratching post – she’d disappear behind a soji screen and you’d hear her clawing at it until someone would throw a well-guided shoe or household slipper behind the screen and she’d run out of the room. Ugh, it just all brings back so many bad design memories.

Rattan makes me think of Elvis Presley. Who in my mind is – sure – The King, but the King of clutter and bad baste. During the middle of the century’s infatuation with tropical paradises and dreams of sand between their toes, they adopted this terrible idea that their home in an American suburb could echo the far off island flavor. I blame those dreams for this:


Ok, so this is better:

Good lines, nice wood – but.. still just too beachy keen for me.

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