Project: Das Hutch

21 Sep

Hey remember that matching hutch and display case that was on craigslist for $120.00? Well. We bought it a few weekends ago. They both have kind of a dingy dark brown (doodoo brown is what I call it) finish to them that I’m really not fond of. The display case is smaller and mostly glass so you don’t notice the poopy finish, so we already started using it in our living room for much needed Simpsons/Seinfeld DVD storage.

Ah, there it is in action behind Rose, behind the footstool, behind Aaron in the Dux chair. That was a good weekend of finds. Spending $220.00 for 3 giant pieces of furniture. Only slightly more than our coffee table costed, feh.

As for the two-piece buffet, it shall suffer a different fate. I’m going to attempt to refinish the dude. Also, sadly, while Alan and Chris were driving it back from the craigslist transaction, one of the glass panels broke. I keep asking Alan again and again to explain to me the scenario, where the glass was, how it broke in the car, and I still don’t understand and am saddened. Looks like we’ll have to get the one side replaced.

We don’t have any space in our apartment to refinish a giant piece of furniture, so for the time being the buffet is staying in our moped garage where I’ll also be refinishing it. I’ve already started getting excited about dustless sanders and different kinds of chemical paint strippers. The unfinished wood inside the drawers is a wonderful rosy color that I’m sure will stain beautifully.

Unfortunately this project will have to wait a little bit. Still need to finish painting trim in my living room and kitchen, and the celebratory removal of the painter’s tape finally after about 2 months of it being stuck around various places shall commence.

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