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Around town: Eco thrift

22 Sep

I attempted to head out to Auburn for some thrifting but freeways scared me and Eco thrift on Fruitridge caught my eye.

Eco thrift was crazackin dudes. There was car upon car upon car looking for a parking spot. I had to circle a couple of times and establish some dominance.

This kinda made me laugh, then nerdishly hide the coffee table I bought for some friends. My scarf didn’t cover too well.

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Craigslist: DO NOT WANT

22 Sep

:| Hmm. So. We’re all in agreement that the “front view” of said steelcase chair has an uncanny resemblance to a “terlitt.” Right?

Craigslist: old fashioned buffet dresser – $20

22 Sep

$20.00? OH MY LORDY, ADORKABLE! Lookit ‘dem teeny legs! I’m a fan of the asymmetry in the drawers vs. door. This lover looks like he needs a little polishing, and for that much money who cares. I got the 20 bones – I just don’t got the space. ARUGH! Why can’t I just stack credenzas ontop of one another and call them “shelves!?”

Craigslist: Yard Sale (DID I MISS THIS!? GAH!)

22 Sep

In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury – I want it all. Gee-yah-ee-yeah, I want it all. But I don’t reeeally need it now, but I’d like to have it soon kthnx. (Original Post)

This listing is from awhile ago but says that there is a Yard Sale “Sunday 9-3.” Summer bummer, did I miss this? In other words, I cannot has that giant coffee table? Meh. MEH I SAY!

Craigslist: Atomic Mod 60’s glass ice bucket, tongs and glasses

22 Sep

A bit pricey spicy for me, $55.00 obo for the set with 5 glasses. Totally a wonderful thing to have for all you entertaining alcoholics out there. Or .. if you’re really into serving iced coffee. Eh.  I will say I love the teeny stand and lil’ tongs. Tong ta-tong tong tongs. (Original Post)

I Want To Go To There: Ace Hotel and Swim Club

22 Sep

I was seriously looking up “kitsch midcentury motels california” in Google, trying to find some rad and unique places to go for a trip in November. I guess I was hoping to find some dorky space-age atomic furnished B&Bs, but came across the Ace Hotel. A 60’s-70’s style vintage furnished hotel in Southern California.

Built on the foundation of a 1965 Howard Johnson hotel, Ace Hotel & Swim Club maintains functionality and simplicity without sacrificing the Ace aesthetic. Much of the property is an outgrowth of the original five-building structure, from the old Denny’s restaurant – now King’s Highway and the Amigo Room – to the rare, deep pool. Just south of downtown and close to the mountains, the location allows easy access to everything.

Definitely not full-on MCM style, but for any avid thrifters or collectors this place is props worthy and perhaps now you have a place to stay in Palm Springs. Oh, and it looks like we’ll be heading to the snow instead of the sun anyhow.

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