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Craigslist-Go somewhere this weekend

23 Sep

People talk a lot about ‘travel man’ and it opening up thee eyes. I know that I personally have only been to 7 states in the U.S and very few actual cities in California. Maybe you suffer the same homebody problem I do? Here’s maybe some stuff to motivate you to get out into the world and see some stuff this weekend. Or it’s just a reason to forget all responsibility and call in sick to work er maybe put off that parking ticket you been meaning to pay for for some time now-

*SIGH. This poor precious couch looks like it just had too much to drink one night and spilt (or something else tragic and embarrassing) something terrible on his self. Or he did it for his fallen holmie. One more *sigh. Frame still looks great. Check out the original post if you feel like saving this precious bean.

“Danish Modern Dining table with 6 chairs.
Table is 4 foot Round but has a 1 foot leaf so can expand to a 4 feet by 5 f eet oval.
Table comes with 6 chairs all upholstered back and seats.”

Maybe you might want to reupholster…it is being sold for 125 in Exeter. Original post

“Office Chair designed by Charles Pollock for Knoll International. Black textured polypropylene outer shell. Chrome support plate welded to the frame spans the width of the seat cushion. Multi-density urethane foam upholstery, original leather. Seamless black plastic arms. The chair sits on a four-star base on casters. Very good vintage condition. Asking 195.”

That leather looks like it is still in great condition.
original post


I dunno man. I dunno. They spelled Label wrong (actually label is sort of a tough word. That subconscious typing one does makes the L go before the E).
Original post

I think it makes me cheesy/old old lady that I still really dig the floral pattern in some of these things.
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Craigslist:Coffee table-Sacramento

23 Sep

I saved this image as ‘cough table’. Which isn’t very funny. Seller describes it as simple and sturdy which is (IMO) sometimes the greatest thing a person can have in their life. It’s being sold for 15 dollars in Sacramento.
Original post


23 Sep

250.00 for this great looking credenza in Roseville (the place with the huge mall). Search for WOW!! Mid Century drawer chest (two exclamation marks not three) or check the original post if you are a lazy thing.


23 Sep

Origianl post
Mello couch I like you!!! Oh wait. I am broke. But! I still like you. Me thinks a walnut credenza would look awesome with this couch! Those colors together would just eat eachother up with love and greatness.

Inspiration: Mid-Century Modernist

23 Sep

The Mid-Century Modernist

An awesome collection of found furniture and a gallery of current and past eBay auctions. Hey! Is this what gave us the idea of Mimomito? Yeah maybe.

Can I also add that I’ve never seen Mad Men, don’t really care to, and feel like it makes furniture hard to find when it’s tagged as “mad men style” and people want it for that reason alone? DAMN YOU, TELEVISION! You’ve done it again!

Craigslist: Strap on your “spendy pants.” $400.00

23 Sep

Rare find here..On SALE NOW!! at $400.00!!!! Desk Made in the late 40s early 50s
1 drawer The outside front of desk is a brass drawer pull. This desk is in slightly uased condition. Good sturdy fully functional design!!
(original post)

$400? Well, if you’re real into completing your black and white noir study.

Craigslist: Matching Dux Chairs $150.00

23 Sep

Y’all know how I feel about.. (shudder) woven fibers. But I do love the Dux brand and these swooping sculpted backrests! Huzzah! (Original Post)

Craigslist-Hideaway desk 100$-N.Reno

23 Sep

Oh look at that cute little shoe cabinet for storing shoes

Oh wait whats this now shelves? For books and great knick knack crap?

ROOOOOAR <—Optimus Prime desk screaming not me.
It's a desk! Olly gosh people olly gosh. I am so flabbergasted and half awake I cant really say much more than Takara would be proud..or maybe just give a nod of approval.
Check out the Original post if you’re interested in taking a day trip and freaking out your friends.

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