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Craigslist: Mr. Blue.. chair. $40.00

24 Sep

(Original Post) $40.00 in Natomas for Mr. Blue – who has got the blues. So sad that something about his upholstery makes him look like a 90’s office chair. Mr. Blue so sad that someone painted his legs black and covered up perhaps some original wood. Give him a sunny room to sit in and a warm pillow to set on his face. I have a feeling he could make your day..

it’s going to be okay – we’re going to be alright..

Craigslist: SF Credenzas, alright here we go.

24 Sep

Ugh, adorable yellow Knoll credenza. $200.00 (Original Post)

Paul Mccobb Credenza $495.00 (Original Post)

AHHHH!!!!!!!! And these bastards know it… $800.00 (Original Post)

Teaky keen. $500.00 (Original Post)

You stupid, stupid dirty.. ugh.. $920.00 PFF..  (Original Post)

AHH MAH GAAAHHHD! Dude it has ROLL UP DOORS!! I love you, baby. Mama loves.. mama loves. $475.00 (Original Post)

Craigslist: Hoosier wutzit? Fremont

24 Sep

This posting is from SF/Bay area craigslist, in Fremont.

(original post)
“1960’s Credenza with accordion style doors $300

1950’s Kitchen Hoosier $125″

Okay doggs, I’ll be honest. I was asking myself “what the hell is a ‘hoosier?’ I thought hoosier was just something that the one state that is the ‘hoosier’ state is a ..state of.” Well if you also went to public school, get ready to have your mind blown. Type “hoosier” into craigslist and it is basically another word for a buffet or kitchen hutch. Some of them even have what they refer to as – wait for it – a pie safe. And this one listed here is GREAT! I really hope the top shelf space is ready to have a mug set hung in it. It could even work great in an office or living room. And by lordy, that just might be cheap enough, $125.00, for you to find out for yourself, aye?

In all the excitement I didn’t even mention the accordion credenza! Oi gevalt!

Craigslist: Hutch and din din-CALM DOWN NOW

24 Sep

If you got the money money break money money. 500.00 takes this gorgeous hutch and another 600 takes the table and chairs (you can buy the whole set for a 1000.00). It’s located in Nevada city. Serene posted one like this awhile back that was in the bay area. I remember having a little sniffle because there was no possible way I could afford such treasures or make room for something this awesome(we got a huge metal tanker in the living room). One day though I am totally going to own one of these bad boys and put all my fancy junk in the top of that beautiful glass.
Original post

Craigslist: It’s In Duh Famry..

24 Sep

(Original Post) I’ve slept on this couch more times than I’d like to admit. Yeah, I was homeless for awhile. Did a little couch surfing, so what. WE ALL HAVE TO LIVE WITH OUR OWN DECISIONS..

Ahem. So this couch belongs to my older sister Renee who lives in San Francisco but is moving to Los Angeles and must part with it. It has been in her possession for over 5 years, it is incredibly sturdy and solid, and has been a delightful focal point of her houses. I believe it originally came from Oregon. She needs that spending cash, so she is asking $350.00 for this couch. I will say, the upholstery needs some DEEP cleaning and mending. She has moved this couch from Oregon and through about 5 houses in San Francisco. It has lived a loved existence. I’m sad to see it go!

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