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Yard sale-Dont miss out!

25 Sep

If any of you have been craigslist searching for midcentury treasures for some time now you have probably become familiar with Katie and her awesome deals and mid mod treasures. (excitement CAPS forewarning>) SHE HAVING A YARD SALE DUDES!!!! Even if you don’t score anything she is seriously one of the greatest most sweetest persons to talk to about this stuff. Maybe you even have something in mind for your home that is specific if you let her know about it she will keep and eye out for you :] Very helpful and wealthy in information.

We’ll have all kinds of Danish teak items, American MCM furniture, Pyrex, Franciscan, Fiesta Arabia and other goodies. There will be vintage lamps, tables, chairs, art, pottery and (project pieces super cheap!) We’ll be open by 8 but early birds are welcome!!!! No baby items or new items

Happy findings readers!
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25 Sep

“Beautiful hand made mid 1960;s teak floating desk with Asian motif.”

To be really honest…I um had to look up what asian motif actually was. Now that I am on the same page as the rest of you I guess I can see it now. It’s the hardware right? Or maybe the stain? Bah. I am still not sure. If you dont want to get rid of your calming zen stuff that rests peacefully in your living room (we all need peace and relaxation) this might be the desk for you. It is being sold for 450.00 dollars.
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Craigslist-Dining set:Redding

25 Sep

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“Furniture is in excellent condition! Hand-crafted in the 1950’s from 100% solid Darkened Ash (sturdy, no particle board garbage). Beautiful quality craftsmanship, all drawers slide smooth. Pictures do not do this set justice. Set includes: Table & 6 Chairs, 4-Drawer Sideboard, & 2-Drawer China Hutch. Also included is one expansion leaf w/ a small chip. Sold as a complete set for $1100! Individual Prices are as follows Table & Chairs – $600, Sideboard – $350, China Hutch – $400.”

No particle board! YES. I really like those X knobs on the credenza. It’s like it’s frusterated from being so adorable.
x___x “I am cute!” <—Credenza
Indeed you are little guy.

Justin’s dining set

25 Sep

We are so happy that Justin picked up this wonderful dining set and that he was willing to share it with us in it’s new home. If you have any midcentury scores that you would like to share please email us and let us know about them! We get super excited about stuff like that (Seriously we do. It’s the whole reason we started this blog. Our normal friends got way tired of the midcentury gibber gabber).

I’ve been searching for over a month for a quality mid-century dining room set. After getting skunked by faster buyers this popped up and I spared no time running up to Nevada City. The lady I bought it from was the original owner who purchased it in the early sixties. She is in the process of selling all of her belongings and moving to Colorado. Keep an eye out for Nevada City postings, she is going to be selling her bedroom furniture which it pretty sweet stuff if you like mid-century!
The furniture I bought is immaculate and built to last. Ya, it was $$ but damn it looks good in my dining room! I will definetly be keeping my eye on Mimomito!

Sweet score Justin. I hope that floating china compartment does many wonderful things for you! :]

Mimomito News Update: Oh snap! We’re for real!

25 Sep

Alert the press, stop what you’re doing, and well.. most importantly, change your browser bookmarks! Mimomito finally stopped spending precious pennies at an antique store and bought Update your shizzzz! And maybe now it’ll be easier to explain us to your friends. “MAMMYTAMMY.. dot.. com? Is that what it was?”
so hot right now.

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