Craigslist-Dining set:Redding

25 Sep

Original post

“Furniture is in excellent condition! Hand-crafted in the 1950’s from 100% solid Darkened Ash (sturdy, no particle board garbage). Beautiful quality craftsmanship, all drawers slide smooth. Pictures do not do this set justice. Set includes: Table & 6 Chairs, 4-Drawer Sideboard, & 2-Drawer China Hutch. Also included is one expansion leaf w/ a small chip. Sold as a complete set for $1100! Individual Prices are as follows Table & Chairs – $600, Sideboard – $350, China Hutch – $400.”

No particle board! YES. I really like those X knobs on the credenza. It’s like it’s frusterated from being so adorable.
x___x “I am cute!” <—Credenza
Indeed you are little guy.

One Response to “Craigslist-Dining set:Redding”

  1. Serene September 28, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    holy crap I didn’t even see this. X_X indeed

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