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Craigslist: Hello Oregon! I missed you.

27 Sep

I have a little brother who lives in Grants Pass Oregon. He come’s to visit us during the holidays and breaks. A couple years ago I got the opportunity to take him back to Oregon from one of his visits with us on Grey hound (he was too scared to go alone, isn’t that cute? It’s a story I plan to tell to his future wifey) The town seriously feels like it is in the center of the mountains. And man their little downtown area is so cute. The buildings are chalk full of history and stories. Peeling paint, rad old architecture. The really good stuff!
Basically what I am getting around to saying is that I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a winter trip up there (saving my PTO and fingers are crossed). I have been checking out some of the stuff they have on craigslist to get me more stoked:

Putting on my dancing shoes for this one. 550.00 for the set and it’s in Walnut. I have this strange feeling that this is too good to be true and that I may have read the post wrong or am missing some really important information. Check out the
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and see if it is good and true.
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