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Inspiration: American Vintage Home on Flickr

28 Sep

“My goal is to collect as many images as I can find that define the best of middle-class American home style from 1900 to 1963. On one hand, I love the small, the cozy, the kitsch. I’m a sucker for cute kids, puppy dogs, and cool gadgets. And some images are so beautiful they are transcendent.

I adore mid-century modern and the great designers like Aalto and the Eames, even though I’m kind of a packrat and doubt I’ll ever be able to live so spartanly. I would love to have my own Grasshopper or Womb chair.”  — via American Vintage Home on Flickr

This flickr is set up wonderfully and meticulously. Different sets for Linoleum, Interiors, Exteriors, Wallpaper & Textiles, and my favorite – Manufacturers. Heck yesss, learn your designers!

1952 Family Room - Den

Give it up, Sacramento

28 Sep

Literally – give me things. Put more awesome stuff out in the street. This weekend I was in San Francisco for a gathering of mopeds and riding, and while puttering down Waller Street stopped to snap a “sick pic” of this couch. The sign read something to the effect of “$50 OBO take it away.”

The only thing I saw on the street in Sacramento today was a mattress and boxspring with a fitted sheet of questionable cleanliness. Who am I kidding, straight rancid, it was. Though Alan did find in the street this delightful (as Rose would call it) “little bean” of a foot stool that he refinished the legs on. So if it was you who happened to leave it out – Thanks! It you just set it down for a second and it disappeared – Sorry dude, MINE NOW!
There is a whole load of amazing furniture in SF’s “FREE” section of craigslist. Not just someone’s old baby stroller with 1.5 wheels or “free tent – mildew problem but still a tent.” Sacramento is seriously lacking in the loving.

Craigslist SF: Oh, for real? $75

28 Sep

(original post)

1960s orange vinyl chair cushion on steel springs with gray laminate table attached. Steel legs and frame. Cool retro piece of office lounge furniture purchased in Silverlake a few years ago. In good shape.

48″ wide x 30″ tall x 30″ deep.

Would somebody stop being an idiot and please buy this?

Around Town: Antique Co. sidewalk chair hangin’ out

28 Sep

I saw them loading up the sidewalk this morning at the Antique Company on 21st & X and caught a glimpse of them setting this out. Eyes narrowed,  slowed down to scope it out, had to get a picture. Looks like a piece from the early 50’s, I can imagine Lucille Ball straight chillin’ on it. What caught my eye were the strange legs that looked like a swivel base. Stupidly, while standing right in front of the damn thing I didn’t check to see if it actually did rotate. There was no price tag, maybe that part of the sidewalk was the “make an offer” area. I could see this being reupholstered in a delicious and durable Knoll fabric and looking goddamn stunning. Bling blanggg.

DO NOT WANT: Reupholstered Eames-Style Lounge Chair aka THE HORROR

28 Sep


(Original Post) I found this a few days ago and SAVED the photo – thank god – because they reposted this ad without it. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because of the barrage of angry e-mails cluttering up their inbox with the body of the e-mails simply stating “YOU BASTARD.”

The “upholstery” is either something that was scraped off a casino floor in the Flower Lounge or forcibly removed from an obese Hawaiian man’s closet. (What is he going to wear on Friday nights now!?) Please note – the matching pillow with pink fringe. To complete the transformation from one of the most iconic and well known styles of lounge chair in the world to “crazy aunt Irma needs to take a comfy sit-down after playing Gin Rummy while petting her ill-tempered rat terrier ‘Lizette’.”

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