Give it up, Sacramento

28 Sep

Literally – give me things. Put more awesome stuff out in the street. This weekend I was in San Francisco for a gathering of mopeds and riding, and while puttering down Waller Street stopped to snap a “sick pic” of this couch. The sign read something to the effect of “$50 OBO take it away.”

The only thing I saw on the street in Sacramento today was a mattress and boxspring with a fitted sheet of questionable cleanliness. Who am I kidding, straight rancid, it was. Though Alan did find in the street this delightful (as Rose would call it) “little bean” of a foot stool that he refinished the legs on. So if it was you who happened to leave it out – Thanks! It you just set it down for a second and it disappeared – Sorry dude, MINE NOW!
There is a whole load of amazing furniture in SF’s “FREE” section of craigslist. Not just someone’s old baby stroller with 1.5 wheels or “free tent – mildew problem but still a tent.” Sacramento is seriously lacking in the loving.


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