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On the internetz: Ruh roh! Urban Outfitters is on the case.

2 Oct

Occasionally I’ll cruise over to and peruse some of their deliciously designed and midcentury modern inspired furniture, that I’m sure, will fall apart – go floppy – break down – just, will not hold up like the originals. Sigh. But still, I look. The rocking chair makes my heart skip a beat.. but then I know in 2 years it will probably crap out like a florgenborgenjorgen from Ikea. And that, dear readers, is why we love the old stuff, am I right?

Anyhow, I checked out UO to take a gander at the apartment wares, and by god! Looks like they’re onto me! Check it out, maybe buy a lamp, or something you don’t invest too much money/your love into. :( Ughh and the color options. If you own anything from UO, I’d love to know how it has held up!

Favorites on Etsy

2 Oct

It is two o’ clock and I am still not awake. I am not sure what the problem is but I def need something to ship me into shape. Looking through some of my favorite seller’s on etsy usually helps me get motivated. Here’s some stuff floating around that is pretty cute for your pad.

Startex Towel
One of my most favorite attributes to thee atomic era is the illustrations. It has caused me to buy a crap ton of books (I am in the process of building three wall shelfs). Gradually I am moving onto the linens because it knocks out two birds one stone. Great illustrations-not a big space eater!

Fork towel
NeatoKeen is one of my most favorite shops on etsy. It’s pretty much everything I would like to see in a store-cute games with rad illustrations-BOOKS, and linens.

While we are talking material-

Atomic fabric is available at Violet64 . <—appears to be a local?!

She is also selling a set of sunset books:

“This is a great collection of Sunset Books all dating from 1953 to 1970. These are a must for anyone doing a mid-century remodel or as decorating reference.”

I really like flipping through sunset books and oozing over the pictures. They are great for gathering idea’s and how to’s.

Yeah. 145.00 is a bummer for us folks on a thrifting budget. But this thing is sure good looking. Keep your eye out for some of this stuff next time your out thrifting. The seller here states that they were once curtains and I must admit that I pass by that section of the thrift store often.

Your soup is going to love you for this!
Precious bowls are being sold at Retroburgh for 16.99

she is also selling these really rad salt and pepper shakers^^^

24.95 at thegroove
It’s a pig! I really like these wood figurines. It’s like the old school version of vinyl toys. I saw one that was a viking before-KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF! Sadly I didnt purchase it. I think about that viking everyonce in awhile. Ya know the life we coulda had together. He would have been at the dinner table with a drumstick hanging from his mouth,beating his chest, screaming and recalling voyages he’s now too old to undergo. With motherly amusement I would respond by giving his head a soft pat ‘now now Bork, dont get yourself worked up before dessert…’ *Sniff
It would have been really nice.

Inspiration on Craigslist: The thing’s like Sputnik! It has its own weather system!

2 Oct

(Original Post) No price in the listing, but a very rad fixture if your place can accommodate it without hitting anyone in the head. We’d definitely poke some eyes out in our small apartment.

Here are some photos of sputnik ceiling lights in action


via BoomerangThang on Flickr

via Retro ReDesign on flickr

"From a Better Homes and Gardens book dated 1960" via Java1888 on Flickr

For those of you born decades after the Cold War, check out this article on for a quick history lesson about the origin of Sputnik; the satellite that set the world’s design minds ablaze and inspired some fantastic space-age design. And why you should never send anything cute into space, like dogs :(

Craigslist: Great desk in Concord

2 Oct

(Original Post) This person is selling off a load of great looking stuff! The desk in particular caught my eye. It is being sold for $450.00. Throw in the wire mesh chair and the flokati rug, eh?

Craigslist:Green lover-El Dorado Hills

2 Oct

I may be a little biased when I say how cute and freaking great looking this couch looks- IT’S GREEN. So here’s a bit from the seller:

“This sofa is a year old and is in perfect condition. retro,vintage inspired. “

Check out the Original post for the seller’s number.

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