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Craigslist: Tiny Stool, $20 Berkeley

4 Oct

Stools, hassocks, footrests, oh my. But really, for $20.00 this is an adorable little find. Berkeley is a little out of our way here in Sacramento, but any East Bay readers? Eh, eh? (Original Post)

Craigslist: Tension Lamp in Pally-Alto

4 Oct

I used to live in San Francisco and commute to the south bay on the train every week day. Every time we arrived at the Palo Alto station stop, the conductor would say “Pally-alto! Pally-alto, this is Paaaaally Alto.” Anyhow..

This lamp is $90.00. I love tension lamps, they’re so cheeseball and great. Can’t tell from the photo what the shades are like, but they are an integral part of the lamp’s design! Crappy shades can ruin a great lamp! (Original Post)

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