Around Town: Thrifting in Folsom

5 Oct

Yesterday me and Toni headed out to Folsom! We only stopped by two thrift stores because the goodwill there is pretty outrageous. Packed with stuff upon stuff. Here’s some of the goodies we were able to uncover:

First we stopped by Snowline Hospice Thrift Store . The building looked pretty promising.

Really long coffee table in need of love and appreciation. All the furniture was 50% off!

A: “I think I am going to start getting into blonde wood now.” :D
My bad with the differences in wood. The last picture correctly depicts the color of this set (lighting in thriftstores is blah-Florescent lights ya know). It has the original hardware!

Me and Ben have a lot of papers,poster’s lying around that need a home. I thought about picking this guy up for storage but I got a lot of orange going on in my pad so hesitancy made me put it back.

More great storage utensils! I picked up the grey one and am very sad I left this guy out

Hide all your junky sentimental big crap in these great suitcases! Of course I was really into the color.

Sewing section was really well organized.

I picked ^^these two up for the pillow project.

It’s so weird to me that old time photographs like this are here. First thoughts were what the hay jerk family members. That is probably a picture of your great grandmother! Then I rethunk my gibberish and realized I was in a hospice thrift-store :[ It was a good realization though in an ironic way. Maybe the person passing is the newborn pictured ya know. Or maybe it belonged to the mother, which is just as nice and googly feeling. On the way to Folsom Toni was telling me about a Hospice that ran a daycare. To ya know give the older folks some hope, stay connected/involved with life. I cant really wrap my head around how exactly that makes me feel or why it makes me feel that way. But I know it’s good, and I hope more hospices do that.

Mad men den ice bucket.

I really wish I had a fireplace.

Obviously not mid-century modern, but still cute and a promising looking knick knack container.

We walked over to Changs and ate delicious Mongolian BBQ.

Hanging out with the locals.

“Whatchu want?! WHATCHU THINK! You can just touch this! You can not touch this.”

This table probably would have fit into my apartment. I think though I am really stuck on the idea of having a table that connects to the wall.

I really like getting full set’s of books. I have an oxford great reading (stuff like Shakespeare and Twain) and a Lands and people’s. I picked up Lands and people’s because I thought it looked nice and maybe one day I might be responsible enough to look up historical context when I am reading something like the Prince and the Pauper. I’ve only done it once and it was great. I feel like I was able to understand the book a lot better; sadly though I am a lazy thing and am in one of my no reading streaks.

I really want to figure out something to make out of book covers like these. I feel like they got a lot of potential to turn something drab into fab.

This place was very well organized. It kinda took the digging fun out of thrifting but it was also nice just to think ‘ok I want Betty Crocker’s cooking for two…AH yes cooking section. Nope nope not here. BAH.’

This book had some really great craft ideas but was in some foreign language that I couldn’t even identify.

I have one on housekeeping it says stuff like this:

Here is my sneaky technique for exterminating the loathsome and wary bedroom fly or mosquito. Calmly turn off the light. Get the fly swatter. Go into the bathroom. Turn on the light. Wait patiently for a few minutes with a fly swatter in hand. The insect will fly into the lighted room. Close the door and give the pest time to land. Swat it dead. Go back to bed and resume reading or sleeping in peace.

Sweet Hershey kisses knick knack pot.

Yes yes. Off the path. But a couple of us are 80’s kids and nostalgic.

I dig so hard the shape of these beans!

Toni got a sweet looking Iron.

Here’s some stuff I got that I wasn’t able to flick at the Goodwill because I was too busy running around digging.

Extra plates and bowls from the set me and Ben have and been breaking. I feel like it was a good call to pick up some extras just in case.

Also we picked up two pyrex mugs that match our set! These things are way solid. Probably could survive the next big earthquake… actually they probably did survive an earthquake.

Me and Toni both got a copy of this it has some rad dining pictures like so:

Then some really weird food and games pictures:

^(Serene pointed out this one to me)

There are some really great DIY storage ideas in here! I am so excited to make my husband try them out ;]


BOOYAH SHALAM AL LAM. *clears throat
I am not that stoked ya know…it is just a soup bowl. JK I am so juiced over this set I can hardly contain myself!!! Guys. Guys-I just saw these on etsy and was like ‘heck yeah those are sweet. Too bad I am too broke to pay for shipping.’ Then blamo here it is at the thrift-store no shipping! It’s like The Secret philosophy my hippy cousin was trying to explain to me a couple years ago ‘Set your mind to what you want, believe that you own it, picture it with you, your life together, now, the feelings. STOP LAUGHING ROSE!’
Anyway I am not saying I was doing that or anything. Just there’s that in my face desire that it does work. I’d have a hang-it all and enough room for a credenza and a real lounge chair and and and…

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