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Craigslist:Dresser-East Sac

7 Oct

“Beautiful walnut mid-century modern dresser or buffet in exceptional vintage condition.
Sturdy and solid and well made. Dovetailed drawers all slide easily.
Has a protective laminate top in perfect condition.
Measures 50″ by 18″ and 31” high

With possible delivery <-a craigslist delicacy. I fancy the lines in this thing and the color. It's going for 125.00 dollars.Check out the original post for more pictures.

I think the same guy is selling this beauty right here for 145.00:

“Beautiful walnut mid-century dresser/ chest of drawers in excellent vintage condition.
Brushed nickel handles and drawer pulls match the heavy metal front legs. The back legs are tapered wood legs.
Sturdy and well made and beautiful walnut wood. Has a protective laminate top in excellent condition.
Large deep dovetailed drawers that all slide easily. Measures 34″ by 18″ and 44″ high”

Original post

Craigslist: $40 amazing dresser, Stockton

7 Oct

“I have a 9 drawer triple dresser WITH MIRROR!!! Very inexpensive Dimensions 32x62x18 In great condition. “ (Original Post)

Super sloppy thanks to Jenn for sending this find over to us. This dresser is very similar to one I got from 57th street antique mall, but has a light-wood veneer to it. Same legs, as well. but “WITH MIRROR!!!” How can you pass it up? There is also a matching chest according to Jenn, but I have yet to find it on Stockton craigslist..

Also – I’ve always wanted to do a collection of reflections in Craigslist posts. Reflections of the people taking the photos, of weird garbage in their apartments, and like this. I think we can spot a ninja cat creepin’.

Craigslist: Transformers desk back!-Fair oaks

7 Oct

Could you imagine the conversation behind the design of this desk.
‘So its a small cabinet right.’
‘And then you tweak it, and you got a nice stand for magazines, whatever-‘
‘Then then you pull this thing out like wooosh and swish and ITS A FREAKING DESK!’
I imagine a lot of hand gestures, maybe some screams or squeals. Just overall stokedtasticness. Because really…I mean c’mon, this thing seems great. It’s being sold for a 100.00 in Fair oaks.
Original post

Yard Sale Away: Gettin’ Ready

7 Oct

Thursday and Friday are the days that you should begin planning your weekend yard sale route. I usually go to the Craigslist Garage Sale section and type in a few key words. Of course I use the regulars first: “mid century”, 1960s, Danish, etc … and if nothing comes up, I type in my zip code and map out about 5-10 of the best looking yard sales in my ‘hood. If I’m feeling crazy and adventurous, I map out my route in another neighborhood.

When I was younger my parents drove around aimlessly looking for yard sales and I felt like that was an inefficient use of time and a waste of gas.  What I like about this method, is that I have a destination and every yard sale I pass along the way is extra.

Here are some noteworthy sales, so far (keep checking Clist though):

2nd Sunday Midtown Antique Flea Market

This one is vague, but it could have potential.

Starburst clock at a yard sale in Vacaville. That day trip could be fun!

Happy sailing!

Craigslist: 70’s Green Table

7 Oct

Alright, this sucker is pretty “incense and peppermints” if you know what I mean, but still incredibly rad. They are selling it for $300.00 with a bit of damage. Gives me some ideas of easily customizing a table in a similar fashion fo’ cheap! (Original Post)

Git’r’done: Let’s Cut a Rug

7 Oct

We are happy to introduce a new section to the blog – GIT’R’DONE! This is a section for crafty –  or that whole tired phrase “D.I.Y.” – projects to enhance your home. We have loads of ideas and tricks to share with you all. Now, these are NOT mid-century specific. They are merely for us dwellers that love our spaces, and want to add a personal touch. All of our homes have so many different styles of art being displayed, and our own details – and that is where the style of the homeowner (or renter, as my case may be) really comes out. There is no reason to limit yourself to starburst and Shag art just because you love furniture of the era. It’s your space, own it.

For the first installment, here is a simple project that can add a unique flourish to your livin’ hole. I had purchased a cheap $50.00 white shaggy high-pile rug from Ikea (this one here), but was a little bored by the shape. Ever since I picked it up I wanted to customize it somehow. I took a very familiar shape as my inspiration – the unassuming and centuries old – paisley pattern.

To begin, I used a measuring tape to find the center of the edges, and creating a circle that touches each edge equally. Make sure if you’re doing this, that your rug will not fray at the edges as soon as you take a scissors to it.

Second, cut ’em out! Sharp sharp sharp scissors are a must. I underestimated the thickness of the rug, and ended up using a serrated knife to get through it all. I actually liked the serrated knife because it did not cut any of the carpet fibers, it just cut the underside. The scissor grabbed and cut everything in its path, and left a bit of my rug with a new short haircut, which looks a little weird.

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