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Weekend Excursions: Hutch in San Leandro

9 Oct

I’m curious about the two different wood finishes – as well as styles in drawer-pull hardware. Is this here piece a Frankenstein? A rad addition to any home, maybe just get that hardware on the same page. $265.00 in San Leandro, that’s a 2 hour drive, sucka! (Original Post)

Craigslist: Beautiful Dux Sofa and Chair Set in the Bay Area

9 Oct

This is a Dux couch that was in the seller’s family since its purchase. It is listed for $1400 and delivery is available. (Original Post)

Ohhh.. it breaks my heart. $1400? As my boyfriend put it, “too bad it is the price of a human kidney.” It is the same fantastic, amazing, warm-fuzzy inducing green upholstery that made me fall in love with the Dux we found at the rummage sale remains at The Verge Gallery. Some day my lovelies, some day.. you will be a set.

Our $200.00 Dux that still needs some reupholstery love.


A different seller is offering two cream-colored dux loungers. The fabric is a little tired looking, but everything else looks in great condition. $1000 for the pair. (Original Post)

Danish Modern BLOWOUT! RAHHRR! – Emeryville

9 Oct

Sorry duders, I’m a little late on posting this! Should have seen it sooner! I apologize. Now let’s forget the formalities. HOLY CRAPPADILLIES – LOOK AT THIS PLACE!

When: October 9th and 10th Saturday 11am-6pm & Sunday 11am-5pm
Where: KLASSIK by LYNNE 1313 67th St., Emeryville, CA 94608 (510) 658 1951

“Come see us in Emeryville and see some of rock bottom prices on absolutely everything Danish Modern. Starting prices will be very low and there are some very good deals to be had.
So come join us and pick up that set of chairs or credenza you’ve been eyeing and have a chance to take it home for a steal. Buy vintage, be good to the earth, and have a little style while doing it.

I’m curious as to what exactly their idea of “priced to move” is. Most likely everything is still well over $300 – therefore, that’s priced for me to let it sit and someone else to enjoy. Go and get ’em.

Weekend Excursions: Where is Concord again?

9 Oct

Blonde Cabinet in Concord. A hot steal at $55.00 with a lil’ bit of wear and tear. (Original Post)

Weekend Excursions: Dresser-Redding

9 Oct

His and her dresser sets is the cutest idea any person could come up with. It also would hopefully alleviate any of the your up in my underwear drawer fights. If you don’t have much of those than maybe put that credenza in your living room. I also just thought of which one is which? Credenza’s are male right? Because a mirror is usually for a lady right?
This set is going for 165.00
Original post

Weekend Excursions: Steel case chair-watch out now

9 Oct

Serene has a chair with a similair frame as this one. It is great. Also if you’re into changing the fabric out Thrift Town has a ton of fabric right now! Chair is in chico my friends.
Original post

Weekend excursions: Dresser-Richmond

9 Oct

“the top right drawer needs some work, it is warped and it sticks. Dimensions are 18″ D X 54″ L X 31.5″ H. The veneer from the back of the drawer inside needs to be either removed or sawed down, as it causes the drawer to jam. Otherwise, it is a dresser with solid tongue and groove construction and encased drawers with some scratches on top of veneer”

I pictured warp like a melted record player (possibly do not understand what that term means). It does not sound like a nice thing. Here’s the original post for you’s guys that are the handymans with 40 bucks to spend.

Weekend Excursions:Table-Weed CA

9 Oct

“6 legged folding table
42 inches wide
Expands from 16-64 inches long”

Yeah man yeah Weed, Weed CA. The place with those terrible shirts (I LOVE WEED CALIFORNIA!). It’s usually a place teenagers have a cow convincing their mom to stop at so they can purchase such things. I am pretty sure that’s one of the only reasons I have heard of for people who aren’t locals to be there.
I am also sure that that place has a lot more to offer. Like this table for 125.00!

Original post

Weekend Excursions:Carmel

9 Oct

I love Carmel weekend trips. The sand there is soft and you get the feeling you’re in a whole nother country. A bit expensive but maybe pack a lunch and try to enjoy the last bits of sunshine we have left. OH and pick up this rocking chair. It’s being sold for 90.00. Eames Craigslist posts make me hesitant because of price and the perfectly reasonably concern ‘is this even a knock off?!’ I’ve seen a lot of weird chairs claiming to look like the lounge. Anyways heres the
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