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Around town:Thrift Town

10 Oct

Last Friday my husband needed a ugly sweater for a project that the verge was having. I’ve known about the need for this sweater for awhile now and have been putting it off. So much so that I forgot about it altogether. So Friday (day of project) I scooted my little self to my homebase Thrift Town woot woot.

Spray paint this thing all white!

Once there was a vase on craigslist like this one above (a’lil er a lot bigger) and my husband was reallly into it. So I bought this thing.
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On the internets: Dwell discusses the faux pas of painting the classics

10 Oct

An interesting little read. It’s a topic that comes up often when you love craigslisting for classics – “why in god’s name did you paint it?” Read on at Dwell what this writer has to say about it. Commenters bring up some interesting points as well! Dwell – Hands Off the Icons

Inspiration: Molecular Model Sets

10 Oct

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Eames’ “Hang it all” coat rack — it looks more like a learning tool than a utilitarian device for hanging outerwear. A classic and recognizable design; brightly colored maple balls sitting on powder-coated bent white steel. My boyfriend adores this coat rack design, and strangely has a thing for molecular models. Imagine that?


via Modern Findings


So for his birthday he requested a set. I found one on Amazon for $31.50.They’re great for playing around with and even better for displaying. He was pretty excited to create the molecular structure of sugar for the kitchen.
You can even make up some of your own and pretend they’re the molecular structure of .. sand. Sure! A cheap and fun way to add little display accents to your fine abode and get the splash of color the Eames’ intended in their design. Yeah, two completely different objects, same molecular structure. ..Get it? Get it!

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