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10 Oct

Last Friday my husband needed a ugly sweater for a project that the verge was having. I’ve known about the need for this sweater for awhile now and have been putting it off. So much so that I forgot about it altogether. So Friday (day of project) I scooted my little self to my homebase Thrift Town woot woot.

Spray paint this thing all white!

Once there was a vase on craigslist like this one above (a’lil er a lot bigger) and my husband was reallly into it. So I bought this thing.

I really like the color and design of back gammon boxes. I pick them up to store pictures for future collage projects.

Didn’t check out what kinda songs were in this thing…the font just kinda enthralled me. I should have bought it to frame-slacking.

I really dig glass containers with wood tops, bought one from an antique store awhile ago that looked like a mushroom top:
I made our wedding cake topper out of it.

Super cute apron. Wish I needed one of these things… but alas I can not cook.

People used a lot of checkered table cloths in the 50’s. I don’t know if the red and white pattern would complement the green/orange vibe me and the dude have going on in our place but this one above is subtle enough that maybe it might’ve worked.

This is something I look back on for that day and go “really?! You didn’t even see if it works?! You didn’t even buy it?!” I haven’t showed it to Ben because I am still not forgiven for the Benjamin Franklin doll.

Bachelor den swag.

Real stoked on this thing. I am thinking of hanging my purses up with it. Right now I just kinda throw them in that awkward corner between the couch and wall shelves.

I don’t really know the intention of these things… but my Great Aunt Margie has one in her bathroom. I think she just uses it for decorative purposes. I’d like it to have function as well as being adorable – maybe put soap in it or something?

There were 8 kids in total at our Thanksgiving dinners. To keep us out of her hair my Grandma would set up blank sheets of thick paper at the table and a stack of magazines. She’d tell us to go to town making our own place mats. I remember that being one of the funnest things about the holidays. My uncle even got into it. One year he just got a picture of a toilet and wrote poop. We all got a big kick outta that one.

Sometimes I buy old appliances just because they look nice. I was given this old blender from this guy’s house I cleaned with my aunt (old crap was the payment for my services). I am weary of using it… so it just kinda sits there, but I know what it does and that it works. This one above was cute (really rad green color) but I could only guess what it did because of the cooking problem I have. I am guessing it was a pasta maker?

If you cannot tell I am into that old avo green color. I dig both of these guys’ shape a lot but cannot get into the first vase’s top color and the bottom one’s altogether. I think though a person could make these two things really pleasant and personal with some paint. Shoulda picked them up to try it out.

As I was leaving I spotted my little sister and Aunt (home base):
A: Aye yo blah wassup?
B: Why aren’t you in school?
A: Aint no school today beefy. Why you always tripping on me tho? Always got something to say wit cho mom apron on. Whatchu’ wearing tuday fool. You look like Mr. Rawdger’s wife and sh**.”
(this is actually how my sister talks sometimes-it really depends on her mood. Today she was feeling sassy with a hint of funny)
B: Alright dude. Your life.
A: Chill, I gotta doctahs ‘ppointment today. Doctor said Ima ‘llergic to atticus. Can you believe that sh** cuh? What am I finna do wit my po’ atticus? f***ing cat is the cutest thang I ever had in my life. Do you …do you want her?
B: Cant.
A: Please Rosie. She needs a home. Maybe just a little while until I get over my allergies and then I could take her back. It wouldn’t be for that long-
B: I think you got something on your shirt.
A- *looks around: Ah sh** dude. F*** is dis cat sh**? F*** dooooo.

Came back in and saw this bootiful thang!

Those um balls switch it on or off.

My aunt had the cutest lion costume for Halloween. She’s about 4’10 and this thing was enormous. I wish I got a picture of it:
B: Hey Aunt Sissy.
C: Hey Rosie, what’s up.
B: Bah. Spending money. What is that?
C: My Halloween costume I am going to be a lion.
A: Man, Aunt Sissy that aint finna fit chu’ bla.
C: Yes it will. Pretty bad huh? I am gonna put more fur on it.
A: Aye yo I am finna be lady Gaga cuh.
B: Are you going to buy a whole bunch of Kermit dolls?
A: Nah blah. I aint got it figured out yet. But trust sh**s bout to be awesome.
B: I am going to be Ray Eames.
C: Who’s that?
B: A designer from the 50’s.
A: Why you always gotta be some sh** noboday aint never heard of bluh? Dont even exist and sh**. Like you made that sh** up ‘Hey guys I am Aims! Yeah guys it’s a designer from the 50’s!!!’ * nerd snorts. Making sh** up to be cool.
B: Just because you don’t know of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
A: *pushes up pretend glasses.

Thrift town has some of the nicest employees. This person above is pretty great. She always looks out for stuff I might like:
D: Your house is all 70’s huh?
B: Yeah it is.
D: Oo you like that ugly yellow color then?
B: Mustard? Yes! I love that color.
D: I got just the thing for you then.

They were couch covers. I was going to come back for them and the lamp but life ran it’s course and moved on.

Eventually got out of there-My sister taught me the jerk. I like that this dance involves no hand movements.

Happy camper and the deal of the day-

Enough tweed (yessss) fabric to reupholster a piece of furniture. If any of you dear readers are into something like that then I would suggest taking a quick trip to Thrift Town. I guess a fabric store in the bay closed down and they donated all that was left over! Last week when I was there I picked up a big ol’ thing of brown tweed. Hurry over reupholster enthusiast and see if they got something there for you :]

11 Responses to “Around town:Thrift Town”

  1. Serene October 10, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    Dude… your sister’s Boston tshirt is BOMB. I hope she enjoys their jams as much as I do to be donning such a shirt.
    Also I can imagine perfectly her talking like that — so the creative phonetic spelling makes total sense, hahahah

  2. joemountain October 10, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    My sister is a character. Her ghetto version of herself has taken some getting use to. My favorite person she pretends to be is the can man. He’s a 40+ over weight superhero that sounds like he has nasal problems. For a whole month she stayed in this character and involved the whole family (most if not all the time we did not participate). I was her sidekick Bozmo and my cousin was her arch nemesis (CLAW) who was secretly Can man’s best friend.

    I don’t think she knows that Boston is a band. But then I am her older sister and often doubt her know how.

  3. Jeremy October 10, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    I got a couple cool lamps there a few weeks ago. The ceramic part has glazing is kind of splattery (totally a word) effect in two tones of a turquoisey kind of color, while the metal parts of it are a kind of unfortunate brass that I think I will have refinished. They are also in need of rewiring, so it is a good thing I work in a place that refurbishes lamps.

    • Ronna October 11, 2010 at 8:37 am #

      Where do you work that refurbishes lamps? How much does it cost for an old table lamp? Thanks.

    • Serene October 11, 2010 at 12:45 pm #

      If you have any great refinishing stories with photos we’d love to post them here on the blog! It could even send a little business your way to the refinishing company!

  4. Jeremy October 12, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    Ronna: I work at Mac the Antique Plumber on Elvas. In addition to selling old plumbing fixtures like clawfoot tubs, they do lighting refinishing/repair/general refurbishing. I work up in the office though and I have no idea what the pricing is on that kind of stuff. Like anything I imagine it depends on what needs to be done.

    When I get around to doing these lamps I’ll be sure to send before/afters.

  5. joe mountain October 12, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    Jeremy (sorry if this is a silly question) but can you guys make lamps from scratch too?

    • Serene October 13, 2010 at 11:59 am #

      I think it’d be rad to repurpose something like those vases into lamps!

  6. Jeremy October 13, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    Yeah I think so. What did you have in mind?

  7. toniiii October 13, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    Rose, your sister sounds awesome! Also, will you teach me how to do the jerk, too? ;)

  8. joe mountain October 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm #

    Toni- I wish I could. But I wasnt really paying attention. I was kinda just laughing, taking pictures for when she turns 40 and I can embarrass her real good.

    Jeremy- Haven’t really figured it out yet. It’s good to know that I got that option though. Like Serene said…some vases or something like a hallow ceramic sculpture. I just gotta find the right one.

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