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On the internets: Inhabit Living Graphic Pillows

11 Oct

Alright so these suckers are a treat for the eyeballs. They even have an entire iconic chair collection of graphic pillows. I will say though, how sad it’d be to have a pillow of a stunning eiffel chair sitting on a dumpy couch. Ahem, like where it’d be in my apartment. I think has got in under control though – these pillows are about $70 each so if you can afford to have such a spendy pillow, you probably have a pretty sweet place as it is. Get it, girl.

Dianna’s cabinet. It’s in walnut.

11 Oct

We really like sharing and hearing about people’s scores (it’s one of the reasons we started this blog). It’s a real treat when someone retells a really interesting Craigslist encounter. Like this time the dude went to go pick up a lamp at some guy’s house in Ranch Cardova and there was an alligator in the kitchen. Oh and a nifty collection of Mississippi mud jugs (I totally forgot how to spell that). When the seller was asked if he was afraid of having an alligator just out and about in his kitchen he replied “Nah man he’s harmless. I am thinking about throwing him in the pool when it gets hot ya know…swim with it.” I really like the series of mental pictures that one brings up.

Stories like Dianna’s make my heart skip a beat. It’s sweet and helps one remember why we like buying other people’s stuff. Here’s her story:

‘I was not expecting much after seeing the Craigslist ad, but was blown away when they pulled the blanket off the thing. It’s amazing and looks so much better than the pic. It’s solid walnut, no veneers at all. The guy was in his 80’s and had built it himself. He actually teared up a little when we had it loaded and were about to leave. Amazing craftsmanship and in perfect condition. It had a built in reel to reel tape unit and I also bought the matching large walnut speakers with high end components. The cabinet itself is 7 feet long and the speakers are about another three or four feet so I came to the conclusion that there’s no way that I can fit the speakers anywhere in my home.”

Sweet right? Unfortunately the speakers Dianna and her husband bought are too large for their home and they are parting with them. Good news for some of you though because these things are great looking:

” The gentleman who built them told me they are air suspension speakers. The make and model is AS-2 by Heath. He took exceptional care of all of it.The speakers are large: 20 1/2″ by 19 1/2″ and 28 1/2″ high. We are taking the reel to reel unit out to sell also. It’s an EICO RP100. The cabinet and speakers were built in 1964.”

If you’re into the reel to reel and speakers you can contact Dianna through email:
Thanks Dianna for sharing your score with us. It’s a gorgeous piece with a heart warming tale. :]

Craigslist: Lane Cedar Chest.. Sigh.

11 Oct

So this chest was listed for sale a few months ago, and I wanted it so badly. It was selling for $150, I knew exactly where it could go in the apartment, I wanted a mid-century chest to hide all our extra blankets strewn about in the living room, it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I called the seller, but she was not actually from Sacramento but only in town visiting, and selling this piece from a storage unit. I was working and she was getting on a plane. It was a shot to the heart, and this cedar chest was to blame.

It’s listed again but it looks like she still is only going to be in town for a limited time. If you can, jump on this piece. It is an amazingly useful piece of furniture – store your winter blankets, coats, etc. and it doubles as seating in a crowded room. Let me know how it goes, as I might try and buy it from you down the line when I have the money on me and the space!

$100 for sale near Freeport and Florin. (Original Post) If she doesn’t sell it before she leaves, she told me before that she’s in Sacramento every couple of months. So we might see it listed again if it doesn’t get sold! You can understand my mixed feelings about posted this for everyone else and wanting to keep it for myself.. but that just wouldn’t be right.

Craigslist: Lil’ Nightstand Dude, $40

11 Oct

Needs a good polishing, but for $40 I bet this guy cleans up real nice! For sale in Vacaville. (Original Post)


11 Oct

Hey! Hey! Goodwill is having a 50 percent everything off sale in every goodwill store. TODAY ONLY!

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