Around town: Goodwill sale.

12 Oct

The Goodwill sale was pretty good to us. You cant really beat 50 cent prices! I’ll tell you what though it was a pretty big hoopla. Lots of people and long lines. It wasn’t intolerable (Toni described some pretty scary stuff at the last sale she went to) but it was surprising. At one point there werent any shopping carts and I had to get creative with a wicker basket. Anywho be prepared for a lot of pictures:

I was looking for books with covers like the above for a future project. This one was so cute, frumpy older gent walking through some town but the size didnt really work for what I needed.

Molecoolah wha? Oh pictures. Nice.

I think this is a baby scale? I dont know what anyone would really use it for but those little creatures on there are pretty awe inducing.

Look at this cute little chubby. So cute.

I like the idea of having a really nice table set with a bunch of brass candle holders.

Vintage inspired and a great color.

Do you enjoy tea to yourself (I do). This thing had a really great shape and rad orange color.

I thought these curtains would look good in my house. They did not look as nice in context as they did in my head. Luckily they were only a dollar, 50 cents.

It’s my dream to own a really sweet quilt, er knitted blanket. My mom crocheted one for me two christmases ago and I think I lost it. :[ I am waiting to purchase one now that really knocks my socks off or hope to find somehow the one my mother made me.

I figured this would be good to write little love notes or friendly reminders to the husband ‘Hey jerk dont forget to put down the seat!’ or ‘Have a great day, recheck all your work :]’.

We moved onto another Goodwill

Everybody’s a winner.

(As you can see I started off strong at the book section)

This book is great:

“Sincerity is an essential part of charm. No one is charming who is effusively polite to someone with hope of gaining an invitation, and coldly indifferent to another who has less to offer. Manners of that sort are seen through very easily.”

I imagine a british accent from an older lady who wears eye spectacles at the brim of her nose. She doesn’t talk harshly but she seems to be the kinda person that says no often.

A: “I really enjoy old mathematic books, because they never change.”
Sometimes you hear people say really great stuff at the Thrift store.

I am bored with books. So Ima skip my stamp collection book and move on. Yeah sorry guys. Next time though. Next time.

Overhead projector! Now that’s just excessive and silly. I ask anyone who thinks such a thing to reconsider. They are extremely useful tools. With a flip of a switch you could scream let there be light and that whole room would just shine and glisten like nothing you ever seen before (actually you probably have since most if not all of you have been in elementary school). You can also blow pictures up to an extremely large scale and draw things on really large chalk boards. I dunno they look rad too. Toni was concerned I would blow myself up with this thing so I didnt get it because of that… oh and because I have a more current one that requires two 80 dollar light bulbs (I still have to replace those). They had two overhead projectors there. This one was the nicest looking.

This place was really serious about the 50 percent off sale. Even the king showed up to celebrate.

Love these things. Me and the dude turned ours into a key cabinet:

HAHA. Get it? The decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Great just great!

This book didnt look old…but it had some of the cutest linens and how to’s in it:

Alright this book is not um …hm…nicely designed or 50’s anything but I saw the spine

and thought ‘OH LAWDY this thing has been loved/read.’ So it made me curious as to what was in it.

I didnt understand a word of it. But I am glad it had a loving home at one point in it’s existence.

I really should have gotten this thing to frame .. because I love it a whole lot.

So me and toni where pooped but we had one more in us

yeah thats right say that really fast and see what you come up with. This shop was in North highlands.

I like it when people write in stuff.

Really cool brass section.

There were a couple of animals that made me question the reason a person felt the need to immortalize them forever in brass. Like this fly. Someone out there in this world thinks flys are cool looking creatures or lovable….that kind of makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

People have been doing dumb things with poor statues for a long time.

I am so very saddened over this adorable mouse. He was really expensive but very precious. I am regretting it today.

So all in all it was great. Picked up some really rad stuff for real cheap and took a splendid nap afterwords. Here’s some of the stuff I am especially stoked on:

Really sweet typewriter that types in cursive!

and this little guy to put snacks on the coffee table for guests/husband.

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