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Craigslist: Vacaville

14 Oct

Sorry to blow you guys up with so many good deals, but this just posted and I figured you’d want to know about it:

Only $400 buck for three pieces of furniture? Someone’s gotta jump on this. (original post)

Craigslist: Matching Coffee and End Tables

14 Oct

I actually found this posting on sfbay craigslist, but it is being sold in Sacramento! I couldn’t locate it again on the Sac CL, but here is the original post. All three being sold for $250.00! All the pieces look fantastic (You know, for an enlarged pixelated photo). This seems like a real catch, eh? You tell me, Sir.

Weekend Excursions: The Yay Area, Craigslist Edition

14 Oct

Hey hey! Lots of great stuff listed in the Bay Area this week, you should trot on down and take a look for yourself. Go have a picnic and enjoy the 10-20 degree drop in temperature as soon as you get to Vallejo. Take in that fog, and take in some tasty new pieces.

Otto otto ottoman! $125 in San Jose. (Original Post)

No brand listed, but seller says “finished back and aluminum pulls with wood insert in a manner of George Nelson.” $675.00 in Fremont (Original Post)

Vitra’s Eames DAR, “buy it now” on eBay listed for $380, buy it in SF for $220. (Original Post)

six cups for $5.00. Emeryville, my good man. (Original Post)

four chairs for $200, jeeuh! Walnut Creek. (Original Post)

Broyhill dresser for sale in San Jose, $850.00 (Original Post)

Eek! $30! San Jose! (Original Post)

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Sale Away: Yay Area.

14 Oct

Serene has been sending me eye candy like this all evening and I am very into it.

If you happen to be heading to the bay this weekend, try to stop by these yard sales:

This 1960’s estate sale is in Berkeley. They seem to have lots of blonde furniture, and I’m really lovin’ that compact formica dinette. original post)


This is the sale I am most excited about. Based on the photos, they seem to have a little somethin’ from the each of the big names (Saarinen, Eames, etc). I am completely sad that I won’t be able to make it but if you can take photos of all the madness, that would be awesome! I’m sure people are camping out for this one. (original post)

Craigslist: Lane dresser – Sacramento

14 Oct

Serene never told me once that having a mirror on a dresser is romantic. I come up with it from somewhere and would also like to add that it is just super convenient for us makeup wearing ladies. It’s just great, great, great! Here’s a tid bit from the seller:

“Lane Dresser for sale. Made of wood, not particle board. Circa 1970s. Plain, good condition but needs to be refinished to be fabulous. Very large mirror. 68 inches long, 20 inches deep, and 68 inches high from floor to top of mirror.

Original post

Craigslist: Moar couch potatoes – Carmichael

14 Oct

I like that this guy is just sitting outside sunbathing himself to be an even darker tint of brown. This couch isnt Midcentury (IKEA-yeah) but the originators def at one point in their careers drew a lot of inspiration from that time period. I remember my husband had this really awesome green couch from there and let me tell you that tweedish (?) lil’ guy really knocked my socks off. Ikea unfortunately does not sell it anymore. *sigh.
This couch is going for 290.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

Craigslist: Love seat – Sacramento

14 Oct

So let me get this…I would get the love seat and the chair?!! At a 100.00 dollars. Deals like this give me the squint eye and a lil eyebrow raising. Totally worth checking out.
Here’s the original post .

Craigslist: Formakin’ Me Crazy. Huh?

14 Oct

(Original Post) Yellow dinning table and 2 chairs. The chairs don’t match the table. But they definitely compliment it. The chairs have a small patch on them. The table has a leaf. I think the table is from the 60s. It has a real retro look to it. Small enough for an apartment in midtown.

I’d throw in a few singles to have them keep the chairs.

You’re true blue, Ethel.
$525 for teeny blue formica table with all four matching chairs. (Original Post)

Craiglist Capslocks: “ULTRA HIP RETRO COUCH!”

14 Oct

Calm down, friend! Seller is gettin’ rid of a black vinyl couch. 9.5′ long, this here is a big boy from Land Park. A big sticky boy. (Vinyl seems like such a sticky thing to place your body onto. But it sure looks good!)

Has some seam rips apparently that need mending, which I think may send one back a few buckeroos. $300.00 for your man cave. (Original Post)

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