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On the internets: Kmart’s midcentury knock-offs. What?

19 Oct

A Herman Miller style rocker for $130? White plastic tulip chairs for $150? Yeah, and made new. From.. Kmart.

My sister had sent me a link to these products, and I was baffled. Apparently they carry a ridiculous knock-off brand called Baxton Studio (which is also carried by Target) that manufactures knock-offs of some of the most famous designs – but, you know, slightly off, if not incredibly off. I’m really curious who buys these..?

Check out all the creepy insanity here, at


Craigslist: Get your lawn lounge on-Stockton

19 Oct

I like sitting outside, and I like rocking chairs. This thing has both. Only thing left to complete thee art of outside lounging is some sun tea. Bliss!
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Craigslist: What the what?

19 Oct

Have you ever noticed how much more cute something is tinier? This chair makes me feel like running through meadows of dandelions with a rainbow (a double rainbow!) all the way across the sky. Happy rainbow above would probably be dancing, smiling because he would know that finding my eternal sitting pal is something very magical and lovely. …AHEM.
Sure that back leg(?) is questionable for a lot of different reasons but maybe you craiglists crafty folk can figure out a way to attach computer chair legs or a third one? anyways it’s a hundred bucks here’s the original post

Craigslist-Danish desk-East Sacramento

19 Oct

“Post-1950’s large solid wood desk in good condition. Mid century danish styling. Unique shape. Has 2 drawers and 1 pull-out shelf. Finished on both sides so it can float in the room. Top has some minor nicks, dings and scratches (normal wear and tear).
Length: 7 ft
Width: 3 ft
Height: 2 ft 5 in”

This bad boy has pretty much all the great things midmod furniture offers. A great shape, interesting texture/color, nifty hardware, and duh duh na nah floating desktop!
7ft long is a serious amount of desk so ya know you can do things like sew, eat, internet, create, type, whatever your heart desires. It’s being sold for 300.00 in East Sacramento.
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