Craigslist-Danish desk-East Sacramento

19 Oct

“Post-1950’s large solid wood desk in good condition. Mid century danish styling. Unique shape. Has 2 drawers and 1 pull-out shelf. Finished on both sides so it can float in the room. Top has some minor nicks, dings and scratches (normal wear and tear).
Length: 7 ft
Width: 3 ft
Height: 2 ft 5 in”

This bad boy has pretty much all the great things midmod furniture offers. A great shape, interesting texture/color, nifty hardware, and duh duh na nah floating desktop!
7ft long is a serious amount of desk so ya know you can do things like sew, eat, internet, create, type, whatever your heart desires. It’s being sold for 300.00 in East Sacramento.
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One Response to “Craigslist-Danish desk-East Sacramento”

  1. Serene October 19, 2010 at 10:49 am #

    Damn that’s weirdly spendy but not that spendy..

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