Thrifting in Auburn

21 Oct

We couldn’t be in Auburn without stopping at the Triple X er The Forest Hill bridge. It was our first landmark and a pleasant way to start the day out in Auburn.

I guess there are people out there that find throwing things off of bridges fun. If you get caughts you will get a fine of thousands of dollars. Watching things dropped from ridiculous heights is pretty interesting-wait…scratch that-the people who find throwing things off of bridges can be entertaining- but there is plenty of videos already on youtube about them/that. Most if not all these videos involve some kind of horrible metal music and a 13 year old boy giggle. Luckily gravity does it’s job pretty quickly and these videos only last 20-30 seconds. Basically what I am saying is it isnt that cool and has been done before.

People write B+M all that jazz on this bridge. It interested me something heavy to read all the little notes. Some of them are memorials to people who have passed here and others (like the above) are everlasting love hopes. Heres some of my favorites:

First stop was the goodwill

Ah ha!

I really love coffee cups that have designs on the inside of the cups.

and these ones have a special place in my heart. They’re hearty and strong thangs. I have one with a clean font that says You on it. It’s usually my go to coffee mug.

This whole set was kinda scattered about the whole store. It’s always a good idea if you find a plate or cup you like to look alittle bit deeper and see if it has any companions.

I think these poor little dudes have lost their tops.

I really liked this little bean. It had a great color and texture. But I wasnt in need of any more knick knack/jewelry containers.

This upholstery book was from the early 30’s. It had a lot of classy furniture as examples.

I dont know of many people who are in need of hot plates. I wish I was. Usually the base is always designed in a pleasant way.

Next we went to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

I picked up this pin.

Stopped to get something to eats at the Taco Tree.

Met a local.

Salvation Army.

In my place we have a teensy bit of gold accents like thee above. This thing would solved my sconce problem two months ago.

I see a lot of these trinket holder (?) things on UO website. There’s usually a ton of them at thrift stores. It makes me wonder how well these things sell new?

You see a lot of different versions of Owls thrifting. Alot. This one is by far the most curious one I have seen. It’s like the real old timey china version of a 70’s mascot.

My mother had two punch bowls like the one above. She used them for eggnog at Christmas. One was the hard eggnog that probably had like two shots of liquor and the other was just good ol’ pure egg noggy. My second oldest cousin was completely intrigued with being able to drink the hard stuff because this meant he was considered an adult. There was a strict no drinking until you were 21 rule in our family and another until your too big to sit at the kid table you can come eat with the adults. My cousin broke the eggnog rule a couple of times and attempted to escape the kid’s table nearly every year and failed. We’re old enough now to sit with them on holidays, even take a smoke break after eating. I think though all of miss that kid side of dining.

I am no photographer. But I really love everything about older cameras. My eye is always peeled for them.

Toni found these darling Salt and Pepper shakers.

We moved onto to our final stop the hospice thrift store. IMO the funnest one we visited that day. Tons of goodies to unearth.

Oh camping how much more would I love thee if I had a cute coffee set like the above.

I guess it makes me really old lady that I dig this set that highlights the beauty of pine trees.

Me and toni couldn’t figure out what this was used for. I was thinking about on my way back from driving a client to the hospitable and I think maybe it’s used to hold utensils?

These things are humongo! They looked great.

If I was a braver woman I woulda tried this out. But the fear of setting my head on fire was too strong. Also I probably would never figure out how these things worked.

Look uh at those cute starbursts!

Always open boxes

I forgot why I put this down. This book is perfect for me. What was I thinking?!

I went through this hobby of tape recording my family member’s stories. I especially focused on my parents since they are a lot older and I know I could never do them justice by telling their grandkids all their memories. I bought this book for my mom because of something she shared with me:
A: If you had one last memory to tell someone what would it be?
B: I dont understand the question.
A: You know a memory. Something someone said to you. Or an experience. A place you went. Anything that was really uh hm epic that happened in your life. Its not rocket science mayne.
B: Hmph. Well it would have to be something my mother said to me.
A: Which is?
B: You want to know that?
A: Sure.
B: What the hell for?
A: Geeze I dont know. Your my grandma why would I not want to know about awesome things that happened in your life?
B: Hmph. Well I was going through some tough times. I just got out of a divorce with my first husband-your grandfather and your father was still young and I had the twins. I was left all on my own to care for them and I didnt know how I was going to do it. Pay for food and rent and all that. I was really overwhelmed. So I went to my mother and I broke down and I told her I couldn’t do it….
A: And what happened? What she say?
B: She told me to lift up my pinky. So I did. Then she said ‘ya know an ant is so small and it can lift ten times what your pinky can. Your much bigger than an ant. So I dont see what the problem is

I found almost a complete set of the Narnia chronicles here! I was super stoked on it for several reasons
one being that the books were well used-meaning someone enjoyed them hopefully and the other because of the conversation that they provoked. Tony was looking through the postcards as she usually does and there was a little set of them with midcentury architecture unfortunately they were in bad shape:
A: Rose this person didn’t take care of their stuff and now I can’t use them.
B: I am sorry Tony.
I tried to think of a way our dear Tony could still use them but no luck then I spotted a whole load of C.S Lewis books
B: OMG OMG. Here’s Prince Caspian! And OAHSDAJLA another one. OMG theres a whole slew of them.
A: Rose, I think we are a little bit crazy. I am sitting here digging through a bunch of old postcards and your over there digging for C.S Lewis books. (Bout to lose my head over it)
I had to laugh. It pretty much described our thrifting adventures in one sentence.

We both tried to figure out whether or not this was too much. It was too much thinking for me so I set it aside and I think we both came away from it with some Idurs.

A set of portraits of classical composers.

This hutch was great. It wasn’t in too bad of shape and was at a decent price.

Older appliances are so great looking but um stuff like electric shavers…I dunno I cant find much use outta them.

I’ve gained ten pounds since I have been married :D

I love these things. You can give a name to everything!

Picking up kids books is pretty tough. They always have great illustrations but um…(I dunno how to say this) then they got a lot of kids scribbles all over them. I wonder sometimes though if that kid ever did anything with his scribbles and who he became? Is there a market for finding artists childhood books? There should be.

I’ve never seen so many vintage baby clothes in one place ever. It kinda took me back. The quality wasn’t all that great but they were interesting to look at.

9 Responses to “Thrifting in Auburn”

  1. Nichole October 23, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Is that the slat bench I have been looking for all my life? It is, so I took a trip up to the Auburn Hospice a bit ago to find the bench has found a new home or it was hiding from me. What a sad Saturday indeed and my search for this bench continues…

  2. joe mountain October 23, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    :[ Sorry to hear that Nichole. If it makes you feel any better it wasnt made of real wood? Ha.
    Did you find any other goodies? I read on yelp that theyre always rotating there merchandise? When me and Toni were there we were bombarded with good stuff and the thrill of searching. It was great!

  3. serene October 24, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    yeah, that wood bench I was like “oh holy shit, that looks like a beat-up version of something amazing!”

    sad to hear it wasn’t there/wasn’t real wood! Even if it is a cheaper version it’d be a great addition to one’s style dome.

  4. Nichole October 26, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    Ok, now I am glad that sad piece was gone. I had my hopes up it was a nice real wood slat bench that just needed a little McLovin. I guess I will hold out and get an Eames slat bench. Ran across one a few weeks back but alas I was a day late again. Luck…where have you been???

    I did find some great treasures at the Auburn Hospice. It was 50% off everything so I grabbed a couple of vintage belts and some other odd pieces to add to my eclectic style.

  5. Serene October 26, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    This rad one has been listed for awhile: $195.00

  6. toniiii October 26, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    Nichole – Yeah, it wasn’t in good condition – if that makes you feel any better. ;) I think Design Within Reach has some pretty sweet George Nelson benches for under 1,000. Kinda pricey, but it is the real deal.

    Also, were you in the Antique Mall last week? I swear I saw you but I wasn’t positive enough to say hello.

  7. Nichole October 26, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    Thanks Serene for that heads-up. I will have to check that one out.

    Is the Facebook page new or have I been blinded by all the goodies and never noticed it? Either way, I am now a FB fan. YEAH!!!

    Hey Toni, Thanks for the link. I will definitely have to ogle over those pricey pieces. Sadly, It wasn’t me at the Antique Mall so it must have been my awesome doppelganger cruising around for some treasures. I spent the weekend finally working on the table I got from you. I worked a little Bar Keepers Friend into those stains and they came right out and I threw the table legs into some Coke over night and got them back to the shiny chrome. I am loving my table. cue happy dance.

  8. joe mountain October 26, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    You got your table to shine with coca cola?I’ve never heard of that…how does it work?

  9. Nichole October 26, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    I got the table top to shine using Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) which is a natural type of Comet which is what I used to get the stains out of the top and leaves. I made a paste of water and BKF, put it on the stain for 30 minutes, wiped up the paste then put gel-gloss on it and buffed it to a shine.

    For anything rusty, Coke is your best friend. For the legs I took the legs apart and put them in a bath of Coke. Make sure that you have completely covered the rusted object and leave it overnight. The next day remove the object from its luxurious Coke bath and wipe it down with a clean cloth. All the rust and grime should easily wipe off then use Brasso to polish the chrome back to its shiny self. Coke can also be used on oil on your driveway and tons of other uses like baked on grease or dissolving a tooth. The phosphoric acid in coca-cola is what dissolves / cleans everything. wow…nerd alert. I had no idea I knew so much about cleaning with coca-cola. haha

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