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Craigslist: Lotta it

22 Oct

I’ve got my second wind! Heres some stuff from a little bit of everywhere.

One day I am going to own a coffee table with legs like that. The seller didnt list the measurements but the table looks small and great for putting plants on top of.
It’s being sold for 90.00 dollars in oakland lake merritt / grand.
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Look at this thing! Look at it. Doesn’t even seem like underneath all that paint theres metal strength. This metal cart is being sold for 125.00 in Oakland lake merritt / grand.
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Hello potential bar. How are you. Oh that’s right your wonderful and economically priced/great.

“Wonderful Danish Modern / Mid-Century Cabinet
with sliding door in front. In good condition.
Width 36″
Depth 19″
Height 31.5”

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Soft yellow and white dresser set. It’s selling for 50.00 in Castro Valley Hills by Lake Chabo. I guess you might want to hurry and check out the original post if your into it. Seller is very adamant that this thing will not last long. And this seller is prolly right. 50?! (PS. I am not sure if that’s actually wood or not…so if you’re making a trip out there…maybe you wanna ask?)

Maybe I am alone on this one. Old salon chair though has me interest.
It’s being sold for 25.00 in oakland piedmont / montclair
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AH! Too much storage. JK. Theres never enough of that.
This set is being sold for 280.00 in Santa Rosa.
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Craigslist: Couch 100.00: San Bruno

22 Oct

Nah but this couch looks like it has lotsa potential. And is priced pretty decently for uh today’s times.

“Gold sofa with slant legs and sturdy construction. Back can be slid over to use as a corner unit or in the middle as a sofa or off totally for a bed. Material is in pretty good shape but has one small hole. Original sale ad from purchase. Would be fantastic if recovered.”

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Craigslist: Dresser 165.00:East Sac

22 Oct

Oh walnut how I love thee!

Sellers bit:

Mid-Century Danish Modern tall chest of drawers in gorgeous walnut wood. Very good vintage condition.
All dovetailed drawers slide smoothly. They are large and deep and have cool wood lip pulls.
The dresser is a solid, sturdy and substantial piece measuring 38″ by 18″ and 43″ high.

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Craigslist: A table with a whatchamucallit:Berkley

22 Oct

There’s a cupboard under this thing!!!! That’s an extra amount of storage! *Hyperventilating.
It’s 40.000! *More hyperventilating. It’s odd but cute looking. AHKFS.
I need to take a walk.
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Craigslist: Dresser 200.00:Sacramento

22 Oct

A beautiful mahogany dresser for 200.00 in Cameron park. Look at that color!
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Craigslist: art print 40.00:Sacramento

22 Oct

These prints measure about 3 ft. x 18. I like the colors and texture a whole lot. Too bad my whole house is filled with shelving. BAH. Heres the original post.

Craigslist: Nevada City

22 Oct

Holy smokes! Looks like this person is liquidating their estate. I just typed in “Nevada City” in the search area of Sacramento Craigslist and found this Danish Teak bedroom set  for $999— Check it out (original post):

Looks like they’re also selling this walnut bookshelf for $175. (original post)

Craigslist:Eames replica 150.00:Sacramento

22 Oct

My heart breaks! This bean doesn’t look like it’s too rough up! I would love to get my hands on this guy to work on or if it’s in better condition than the one I own swap them and work on the lesser of thee two. I am banned though (temporarily folks) from any new projects until I finish the wall shelving in our bedroom.
Here’s the original post for those of you interested.

Craigslist: Sacramento

22 Oct

This working 1950’s Pinball Machine looks awesome and is only $200 bucks. If I had a game room or even time to play games, I’d be into it.  (Original Post)

I’m a sucker for tapered legs and brass caps and this baby is only $450 bucks! I saw one of these at a Gary Schiff estate sale awhile back, but I am completely maxed out of furniture space and I don’t even know how to play the piano. The ad doesn’t mention anything about a matching bench but asking wouldn’t hurt. (original post)

Best offer accepted on this cabinet. It looks like a 1950’s metal cabinet with a formica counter top but the description doesn’t say. Sure is beautiful though! My 1951 home came with the original metal cabinets (cracked ice counter tops) that look similar to these but they’re used as garage cabinets. I love them very much and I plan on taking them with me if I ever sell. (original post)

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