Craigslist: File cabinets 10$-Placerville

24 Oct

I had a really bad wedding dress experience from a store in Placerville. It left such a horrible taste in my mouth that I hesitated when Toni asked me if I wanted to go to Placerville next thrifting excursion I shuddered. One bad experience though shouldn’t fault all Placervillians. There was an antique store there that sold me an antique ring for like ten bucks because she found out I was getting hitched. Then another dealer from the same store gave me jars and napkin rings for a flat rate of 6 bucks (she had also just saved a pet bird from being ran over by a car-HERO).
Anyways I am really into old office crap being used for today’s furniture (we have a huge metal tanker in our house). I am thinking about checking these guys out and then using them to make a desk. Or just to have awesome storage utensil.
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