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Craigslist: Credenza 120.00-Vacaville

28 Oct

Doesnt this make you wonder what beautiful things there are to be found in vacaville?
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Craigslist: Couch 150.00-East sac

28 Oct

Such a pretty looking green! That fabric looks like something nice to lounge in durning winter time. It looks like oscar the grouch!

“We are selling our beloved vintage green couch. I got this in San Diego and moved it all the way here and the time has come to get rid of it :( It has 2 small problems that anyone able to put a button on can fix probably . I just never have. There is a small button popping out on the sidearm, and the a zipper under the cushion needs fixing. But can’t see it from looking at it.”

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Craigslist: Teak Hutch $200

28 Oct

I usually stick to things with tapered legs but this is a pretty good deal. 

Craigslist: Wall unit 200.00-Mid town

28 Oct

The heartbreak is over. I am able now to move on.

“We’re selling a very large (approximately 9′ wide) midcentury Modern 1950s wall unit/shelving system. The piece is easily assembled and disassembled, and can be adapted to any size room. Perfect for any lover of Eames-era furniture. Call (415) 503-8741 or email for information.
NOTE: Only the shelving system is available – all the books and small decorative items in the picture are not part of the deal.”

Isnt it wonderful how the eames folk have their own era?
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Craigslist: Teak bar stools 200.00: Sacramento

28 Oct

I pretty much love everything about these stools. The fabric, shape, wood it all just looks so wonderful. The only thing I would be afraid of is the minimal back support. I wonder if this chair would encourage someone to sit up straight?
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Craigslist: Alright dude, you’re up.

28 Oct

THIS GUY. You know, you’ve seen him posted forever.

(Original Post) Listed as an “eames era unit” missing it’s sleek hairpin legs for it to perch atop and look oh-so-modular. Well, the seller has had it up forever and I’m tired of looking at it. So hey, maybe you should buy it? The price is now down to $60. I’m not saying buy it for that much, maybe haggle the guy a little? He’s had a hard enough time trying to get rid of the piece, so be gentle. Here are some inspired ideas of how to bring it into your home.

Go to Home Depot. Buy the $2.90 tapered legs they have available in different heights (found here). Stain them suckers a nice dark wood color, slap them on.

Mount it on your  wall for some vintagey “leet” storage action. Who else has a cabinet to hold their taxes that’s seen the Cold War? None of your 20-something year old friends, that’s for sure.

PUT IT ON THE GROUND! Put .. put comfy cushions on it, I don’t know! Sit on it! SIT RIGHT ON IT! Just, get it off of Craigslist!

Git’R’Done: The Earring Keeper

28 Oct

I came across this method of jewelry storage when I lived with my aunt. She was making and selling a whole lotta “Indian-ish” jewelry.

I thought… “well there’s an idea” and have now pursued it. It’s pretty simple to do (all you silk-screening nerds think of that process).

Here is what you’ll need:
1. A frame of your desired choice.
2. Lace (there is a ton of it at Thrift Town still).
3. Staple gun
4. Staples that are appropriate size to your frame.
5. Scissors
6. Hammer
7. Heavy object or significant other

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Craigslist: Danish Desk and Side Table

28 Oct

These two pieces are located in the lovely Auburn, CA. The desk is going for $297 and the table is $125. Both are teak and supposedly from Denmark (if you buy them because you think they’re authentic — check for the stamp!). (original post)

Oh, and if you happen to buy either of them … make sure to stop at Thai Garden for lunch when you pick them up. Mmm yum! Furniture and food are a few of my favorite things. :)

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