Craigslist: Alright dude, you’re up.

28 Oct

THIS GUY. You know, you’ve seen him posted forever.

(Original Post) Listed as an “eames era unit” missing it’s sleek hairpin legs for it to perch atop and look oh-so-modular. Well, the seller has had it up forever and I’m tired of looking at it. So hey, maybe you should buy it? The price is now down to $60. I’m not saying buy it for that much, maybe haggle the guy a little? He’s had a hard enough time trying to get rid of the piece, so be gentle. Here are some inspired ideas of how to bring it into your home.

Go to Home Depot. Buy the $2.90 tapered legs they have available in different heights (found here). Stain them suckers a nice dark wood color, slap them on.

Mount it on your  wall for some vintagey “leet” storage action. Who else has a cabinet to hold their taxes that’s seen the Cold War? None of your 20-something year old friends, that’s for sure.

PUT IT ON THE GROUND! Put .. put comfy cushions on it, I don’t know! Sit on it! SIT RIGHT ON IT! Just, get it off of Craigslist!

One Response to “Craigslist: Alright dude, you’re up.”

  1. joe mountain October 28, 2010 at 5:38 pm #

    I’ve been looking at this thing durn near as long as those 1950’s dinette chairs have been up. And really he looks like he has a lot of potential. I have just been afraid to embrace it.

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