Git’R’Done: The Earring Keeper

28 Oct

I came across this method of jewelry storage when I lived with my aunt. She was making and selling a whole lotta “Indian-ish” jewelry.

I thought… “well there’s an idea” and have now pursued it. It’s pretty simple to do (all you silk-screening nerds think of that process).

Here is what you’ll need:
1. A frame of your desired choice.
2. Lace (there is a ton of it at Thrift Town still).
3. Staple gun
4. Staples that are appropriate size to your frame.
5. Scissors
6. Hammer
7. Heavy object or significant other

First step is to gut your frame. When choosing a frame keep in mind that you are going to be pounding some staples in that bad boy. So maybe a thick one may be best.

Choose appropriate staples. If you have a small frame pick smaller staples.

Measure you lace. You can def’ eyeball it…but I gave myself at least 3 inches. You can never have too much fabric – but you can def’ have not enough.


I start mine top to bottom side to side. It made making the lace taut so much easier.

Make sure that you are tugging as you staple in order to make that lace tight. Very important to make sure you are keeping in mind that the goal is tight. No sad droopy lace, folks.

Slide slide side to side.
It’s going to help some if you have a heavy object holding down your lace on the opposite side you are stapling.

Once you got the top, bottom and sides done you can breathe a lil’ better. I continue after this with the top to bottom, side to side method all the way around saving the corners for last.

So far you have been stapling like uh _______ < this (horizontally!). For the corners you will want them to go like / (diagonally!). So that the staple goes into each piece of wood. Larger frames are a lot different because you will probably need to do more than one staple/make a triangle of staples and you will need to cut the excess fabric and bring it into the frame a lil’ then staple.

After all the stapling is done you will want to take your hammer (careful now don’t hurt ya’ self) and hammer in any of the staples that did not go through all the way.

Turn the frame over and cut any of the excess fabric away.

Apply any of your desired hanging tools. I am making mine hang by a string because I would like to be able to pull it up and over.

The larger earring keeper is not very different from the process explained. You will probably need to double over your fabric though and then staple (ya know make a roll). Just so you make sure that the lace is catching.

Now you hang your little bean and sleep better knowing your favorite feather earrings are not hidden in one of your ten knick-knack containers. :D

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