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Craigslist: Things in far off places

30 Oct

Hey there bootifull orange chair with mahogany (make the body drop) armrests! I think you and I belong together! Apparently the seller is getting rid of lots of things:

“I’ve acquired a house full of great quality mid-century furniture and need to liquidate by end of month. I have two nice bedroom sets, book cases, dining room credenza, an electric typewriter, mirrored coffee table, wall mount lamps, misc household stuff. This ad is for the incredible orange recliner. It’s fabric is a heavy tweed but soft and comfortable. It has mahogany wood arms and feet, high back but lower to the ground seat. It measures 43″ tall, 32″ deep and 32” wide. In beautiful condition, especially those wood arms. Clean, no odors or stains. Asking $75. “

Check out the original post and look for the city Tehachapi, Ca for any of her other stuff.

210.00 in Sparks Nevada
Original post

This one right here might just be a personal fancy. I went to a high school that was mainly outdoors and admin was seriously concerned about it’s students being able to store things on campus. There was a lot of kids at my school with turtle backs and back problem fates. On top of having to carry all my necessary text books I felt it necessary to travel with the essentials:
2 sketch books. One for art class another for doodles and graff & Dance.
Paint brush.
A handful of Prisma Markers.
Borrowed Mangas-Fruit basket and FLCL.
Kaffir boy in America.
Phone and Make up<—for SPRUCING UP.
And a big pack of handmade stencils. Just in case any art activity/a fellow comrade's backpack needed any sprucing. This pack of stencils was actually one of the heaviest things I dragged around with my everyday.
A locker would have helped me out some…or encouraged me to find more crap to carry around with me.
100.00 in Carmel.

Original post

Cute little dresser for 70$ in Fresno.
Original post

150.00 in Fresno.

“One white mid century modern fiberglass lounge chair for sale. Seat is good, base has no dings just paint chips here and there,
nothing that affects its value and function. 28″ (H) X 25″ (W). Swivels. Nice vintage piece.”

Original post

250.00 for 8 in Monterey.
Original post

275.00 in Carmichael.
Original post

This orange! I am trying to think of some examples that these movie seats could offer a person. Let’s see: Home theater, personal love seat, porch seating…that’s all I got. OH wait. How bout just it being a great color and thee little space because it folds into itself?
100.00 in Visalia.
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