Craigslist: Ow, this post hurts.

3 Nov

So the appeal of this lil’ coffee percolator to me, and the seller, is the fact that the inside of it somehow lights up when it’s on. Oh, and it’s $20.00! Could you disable the heating element in it and just turn it into a nifty accent light on a shelf? Bah!

(Original Post)
RARE !! ~~~ REALLY NEAT !!! ~~~ ART DECO !!! ~~~ RETRO !!! ~~~ VINTAGE !!! ~~~ VERY COLLECTIBLE !!! ~~~GREAT CONDITION !!! ~~~ It is a COFFEE POT / PERCULATOR. It is the MARY PROCTOR Coffee Pot…made by Proctor Silex !!! ~~~ It is model # 01932. ~~~The bottom reads that the Guarantee expired in December of 1967 ~~~ My Very Favorite Part of this Pot, is that IT LIGHTS UP INSIDE !!!! ~~~ The pot is Glass with a cool gold design on it !!! The top is chrome colored. The handle & base appear to be Bakelite !!! ~~~ The cord is in Very Good Condition !!! Actually the whole Pot is in Very Good Condition !!! ~~~ It makes 10 cups of coffee, & WORKS GREAT !! ~~~ This pot is SO NEAT, that it puts all other old coffee pots to shame !!! ~~~ This would make a GREAT ADDITION to any Collection !!!

Dear seller I appreciate your warez and your salesmanship, but it really makes me wonder how you write to your friends and family.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!~~~~ You are DEFINITELY THE BEST!!~~ Mother I’ve EVER HAD EVER!!! ~~OLD!!~~ VINTAGE!!~~ MATRONLY!!!~~ Please fold my laundry AFTER IT’S DONE DRYING!!~~~***”

One Response to “Craigslist: Ow, this post hurts.”

  1. toniiii November 4, 2010 at 9:39 am #

    I literally laughed out loud. You’re the funniest, Serene! :)

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