GIT’R’DONE: Silhouette Wood Slice

4 Nov

This is a project that is only as easy as your X-acto cutting skills are good. I’m terrible at it, so I actually got the image cut onto adhesive-back vinyl. $5-$10 depending where you go and what you want. Silhouettes are always a simple, clean and personal way to add some “funzies” to your abode.


I wanted to do something more unique than a picture in a frame, so when a cut wood plaque came into my possession from Rose and Ben’s wedding cake stand, the ideas came flying. They ordered the wood online from They offer a variety of sizes and prices from $4.99 to $11.99.


So wood in hand, cut vinyl of the random iconic silhouette of.. Gonzo from The Muppets, I was ready to get started.

In retrospect I should have measured the width of the wood piece to maximize the area and fill the space. Well, for you, keep that in mind. I removed the wax backing from the adhesive vinyl, and stuck it to my wood.

With regular acrylic black paint I filled in the area. This is where using adhesive vinyl – which is basically one big sticker or decal – is really helpful. As opposed to cutting out a shape from paper and placing it on the wood, the vinyl really sticks to the surface. It gives the lines of your silhouette a very sharp crisp clean edge. And because the wood surface can be a little uneven, it really is helpful.

Pull away your stencil/vinyl/paper, whatever you’re using, and let it dry.

Once everything is good and dry, put mounting hardware on the back. It seems easiest to do this last, so you can orient the odd wood shape upright and make sure your image is perfectly straight when hung.


This was a difficult decision for me. I had my wood plaque for a few weeks before I decided what it was I wanted to put on it. Eames chair silhouette, California state silhouette, what? Thanks goes to Rose’s husband Ben – who suggested I make one Gonzo silhouette and create another later of his Chicken love. I still have yet to create the matching chicken.

Here are some silhouettes I’ve made for y’all if ever you want to try this madness for yourself! (Click for printable size)

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